The latest edition of the Resuscitator Spring 2022 is here!

By Kim "Schroeder" Steward | April 20, 2022
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Please follow this link to the latest in gormings, commerce and other news and bidness.    

The latest ‘tator is here and ready to be read!

By Kim "Schroeder" Steward | May 13, 2021

Please follow this link for the Resuscitator Newsletter Spring 2021

The new ‘tator is here! Get it while it’s hot!

By Kim "Schroeder" Steward | October 8, 2020

Please follow this link for the The Newsletter of the OH Association Fall 2020

Spring 2020 Newsletter!

By Kim "Schroeder" Steward | April 27, 2020

Please see the Spring 2020 newsletter for news, gormings, and such. As always, if you have news or stories to contribute, please email before the next issue.

‘Tator submissions due 4.15.20

By Kim "Schroeder" Steward | March 29, 2020

The next edition of the Resuscitator is in production. If you would like to submit anything, please send to Bethann Weick <> before April 15th. Come on, you’ve got plenty of time now to write that article that you have been thinking about!

Fall 2019 Resuscitator!

By Kim "Schroeder" Steward | October 14, 2019

Please see the Fall 2019 Resuscitator for news, gormings, and such. ResuscitatorFall2019 As always, if you have news or stories to contribute, please email before the next issue.

Spring Resuscitator Now Available!

By The O.H.A. | May 9, 2019

It’s here, It’s here! The 2019 Spring edition of the Resuscitator is now available for your reading pleasure! Enjoy by clicking the link below! ResuscitatorSpring2019FINAL

‘Tator submissions due 4.15.19

By Kim "Schroeder" Steward | April 1, 2019

Calling all Resuscitator submissions! Photos, stories, news updates, etc etc!! Deadline for the Spring Issue submissions is April 15th. Please send all material to Editor Beth Weick at

Fall 2018 Resuscitator Available!

By The O.H.A. | January 12, 2019

Better late than never – for those of you who have not read it yet, the Fall 2018 Resuscitator is now available on the website!  A huge thanks to Beth & Will for their wonderful work on this, and to everyone else who contributed.  Many apologies for the late website release, this will not be…

Spring 2018 Resuscitator

By The O.H.A. | April 27, 2018

Hot off the presses, the Spring 2018 Resuscitator is here! Exciting calendar additions, huts update, raid recounds, winter camping stories, the AMC archives moving northward to Crawford Notch, and more!!! Read the full edition here…