Steering Committee

Lawrence Stroker Rogovin 480x480px

Stroker Rogovin


Stroker was elected Chair of the OHA Steering Committee on 12/11/2002, after serving as a general member for over 15 years. Before that, he worked on the AMC construction crew—preferring to tell people he worked “on” the huts, not “in” them—from 1979 to 1984. Stroker's time with the AMC also includes stints at Pinkham, filling in for shelter caretakers, receptionist at AMC headquarters, and four summers at Three Mile Island. He still heads up to TMI for a month or so each year, serving as Volunteer Coordinator and leading volunteer work crews.

Stroker is also on the AMC Board of Advisors. His AMC roots go wide and deep—camps, huts, headquarters, chapters, etc. Stroker likes to think his familiarity with the broader AMC is an asset to all parties, OHA included. Roles as a professional musician, woodworker, and writer round out his resume.

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Phoebe Howe


Alex Ziko 640x800px

Alex Ziko


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Jared Liu


Jared works in admissions at Yale School of Management. He joined Yale after being in secondary school admissions and, prior to that, staffing a presidential campaign and advocating for conservation organizations in Washington, DC. His career has also spanned experiences in banking, risk management, and compliance.

Jared's passion for the outdoors carried him to Maine where he completed his undergraduate degree at Bowdoin College, met his wife, and returns as often as possible with his three children. He enjoys actively participating with the OHA, his local public library, and the CT Beekeeping Association.

Carter Bascom OHA 640x960px

Carter Bascom

Secretary Emeritus

Carter is privileged to have spent 5 wonderful seasons in the Huts: Lonesome Fall '15, Zealand Summer '16, Fall Greenleaf '16, Cartetaker at Lonesome Late Fall '16, & Lonesome Summer '17. When not volunteering for OHA-related matters, Carter works full-time as a Realtor® with Four Seasons Sotheby's International Realty. Some hobbies of his include flying Cessna 172s and traveling - with his most recent destination being Japan!

Emma Brandt 640x800px

Emma "EB" Brandt

Member & Resuscitator Co-Editor


EB worked six hut seasons between 2017 and 2020 and has been a co-editor of the resuscitator since 2020. She is currently a nature preschool teacher at the Gale River Cooperative Preschool in Bethlehem, NH. EB loves being able to share her love of the natural world with her students and enjoying being so close to the mountains and community she cherishes.

Jeff Colt 640x800px

Jeff Colt



Jeff had the joy of working with amazing croo in the huts from 2011 to 2016, including summers at Zool, Lone*, Madhaüs, and Flea, fall seasons at Flea, and caretaking Tux, and Cata. Naturalist programs, quiet mornings in the kitchen, and long hikes through the spruce/fir forests stand out as some of his most revered memories. While working at Tux in 2016, Jeff applied for work out west that brought him to Carbondale, Colorado where he lives and splits his time running ultramarathons professionally and operating ZipFit, a ski company. Jeff's heart home is Greenleaf Hut and his preferred valley hangouts are White Mountain Cafe and the Saco River Gorge. Jeff is forever an advocate for the White Mountains and the AMC huts.

Riley Steward 640x800px

Riley Steward

Member & Resuscitator Co-Editor

Riley recently joined EB as a co-editor of the 'Tator. She recently wrapped up her first winter caretaking season at the Lonesome Lake Hut after graduating from the University of New Hampshire in December 2021. She is currently living in the Mt. Washington Valley and taking a brief hiatus from the huts before jumping into a summer at Madison Spring Hut. She is looking forward to being more involved with the OHA through the 'Tator and loves seeing the creativity in this community.

Kim Schroeder Steward, photo by Tim Shellmer.

Kim “Schroeder” Steward


Schroeder serves as the OHA Webmaster, Social Media Maven, Resuscitator Assistant Editor and handles some duties for the OH Cabin and the MMVSP.

After working for the AMC for 21 years (Huts, Resis, Merchandising, Accounting, Storehouse), she has spent the last 12+ years working for White Mountain Oil & Propane doing marketing, web administration, and a variety of HR duties. She also officiates weddings as a Justice of the Peace in New Hampshire.

Schroeder and her husband Keith Force live in Intervale, NH with their rescue dog Mia and spend much of their free time working on their 1930's bungalow and enjoying the mountains as well as the coastal areas of New England.

Bethany Taylor 480x600px

Bethany Taylor

Member & Huts Manager

Bethany’s first AMC job was Naturalist at Lonesome Lake Hut in 2003, where she was re-named Benny by her hut croo. She bounced around the Huts and AMC for the next decade doing stints on CC, at Pinkham, and with Shelters in between Hut seasons, before taking another few years off from AMC for grad school, some farming jobs, library work, and working in collegiate sustainability.

She was delighted to come home and be Huts Manager starting in spring 2021—picking up the pieces of post-COVID huts and helping to rebuild and sustain these eight little Narnias as refuges for all is the most challenging and satisfying work she can imagine doing through these strange years. Bethany’s favorite bird is the Bicknell’s Thrush, she has a tattoo of the Crawford Path, and her favorite BFD is The Musical, or possibly The Western when Diapensia rescues herself.

Deirdre Vander Schaaf 640x800px

Deirdre Vander Schaaf


Deirdre worked the Front Desk at Pinkham Notch Visitor Center in 1994, Greenleaf Hut in 1995 and Lakes of the Clouds in 1997. She thoroughly enjoy meeting new people, traveling and story telling. Deirdre loves finding our common threads— between people and the natural world.

Deirdre has been fortunate to spend time hiking and exploring in many beautiful places and hopes to see more. Sometimes this is far away and sometimes in her own backyard. It doesn’t matter— there is a lot of life under a leaf. Deirdre is a Family Nurse Practitioner by trade and is still figuring out who she is and where she's going.

Dawson Winch 640x800px

Dawson Winch


Dawson first got involved with the OH Association when the group met at Brandy Pete’s in Boston and chaired the organization for several years. She relocated back to NH in the fall of 2019, and is currently the Marketing & Communications Director at Tin Mountain Conservation Center. Dawson began her career with the AMC in '78 as a member of the Pinkham kitchen croo. That was followed with summers at Lakes, as AHM at Galehead, and finally HM at Zealand in '80 - the year the hydro plant was installed. She then went on to lead Guided Hikes for several years.

Dawson has a breadth of professional experience including global marketing roles with DuPont and Agilent, teaching at both the high school and college levels, developing programs for the Girl Scouts in Boston, and marketing for both Backpacker and Walking magazines. She loves to travel and has trekked in Nepal, Africa and Scotland. Dawson is a graduate of NOLS Outdoor Educators Course and Outward Bound in Loch Eil, Scotland.

Gerry Whiting 640x800px

Gerry Whiting


Gerry worked in the huts from 1960 to 1965, serving 2 years at Madison, 2 years at Greenleaf, and 2 years as assistant to the huts manager, George Hamilton. He lives in ME, is a registered professional forester, is happily retired, spends a lot of time working in his woodlots, and enjoys hanging out with his OHA pals.

Gerry worked in the forest products industry nationally and internationally for many years. In 2001, he accepted a position with the AMC as a special projects manager. In this capacity he was heavily involved developing the vision for and implementation of AMC’s Maine Woods Initiative.  He has been active in the OHA since his days in the huts.  This has included numerous hut fill ins, work at the cabin most springs and falls, and as a member of the Steering Committee since 2021.  He is a two time recipient of the Joe Dodge Award, first as a volunteer and then as a member of the AMC staff.


William Barrett 640x800px

William "Bill" Barrett

Trails Tsar

Emily Benson 640x800px

Emily Benson

Cabin Coordinator

Sally Dinsmore Baldwin and Pippin 640x800px

Sally Dinsmore Baldwin

Photo Conservator

As a local resident growing up in Shelburne, NH, Sally had the unique experience of working at Pinkham on non-summer weekends in 1967, 1968, & 1969 as a teenager. The first winter was in the old TP and then her croo were the first in the new building. She stayed on for the summers of 1968 and 1969 as women were not allowed on croo in the huts yet. It was at Pinkham that Sally met her husband-to-be, Ned Baldwin, although it was several years later that they got together. Hiking is something they did as a family, even her mother finished the 4K list. Both of Sally's brothers, Phil and Page, worked on hut croos and her sister, Amy, worked at Joy Street.

In 1980, Ned and Sally established their picture frame shop and art gallery in North Conway. It eventually led them to preserving the croo photos that they found poorly displayed in each hut on visit. Since Sally is an artist and self-taught photo restorer, it was a natural fit for them to reframe, scan, and/or restore digital images of the croos.  Ned and Sally currently live in her childhood house in Shelburne after escaping the Conway area in 2006.

Becky Fullerton AMC Archivist 640x800px

Becky Fullerton

AMC Archivist

Becky has been Archivist of the Appalachian Mountain Club since 2005, but she started off her AMC career as crew at Bascom Lodge, Crawford Notch Hostel and Cardigan Lodge. She is passionate about the history of AMC, its care and preservation, and she is happy to field any and all history questions about the organization. You should check out the AMC Library & Archives Online Collections Catalog.

When not at AMC, Becky is a White Mountains landscape painter, hiker and trail runner. She lives in Bethlehem, NH with her OH husband, Stu Woodham, and two cats.

Brian Post 640x800px

Brian Post

Website Developer

Brian worked three summers and two short falls in the huts from 1995 to 1997, with Lakes as his favorite. He manages the technical side of the OHA website and gets involved in other OHA operations that involve techy stuff.

When he's not staring at computer screens, Brian likes to spend time in the White Mountains while rock & ice climbing, backcountry skiing, trail running, hiking, & taking photos. He lives with his wife, Kyra, and two dogs, Winston & Joey, in Jackson, NH.

Photo: Deirdre Vander Schaaf

Mike Waddell

Cabin Caretaker