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  1. John Michael Field on May 16, 2021 at 3:04 pm

    ~Loved Stroker’s article on nicknames amongst our OH brethren, and want to respond that, indeed, many nicknames were born at PNC, perhaps during a long and quiet(er) winter setting. When I was La Jenkin’s Winter Trucker during the 78-79 season, I was good friends with Sean Shedd, the night watchman, of Intervale fame whose grandfather was instrumental in the founding of the hospital in N. Cornburg and which was named after him (Shedd Memorial). I occasionally used to fill in as Notchwatch for Sean as well, usually on very short notice.
    ~Anyway, Sean, like many others, wasn’t interested in using my l-o-n-g hyphenated name (John-Michael) and preferred “JM.” On one late evening when I came down to the dining hall to play music (usually with Maria Many), Sean greeted me with some rambling mishmash of syllables which was nearly unintelligible until he arrived at a final reckoning: Hey “Jamoof” he said, pronouncing my initials (JMF) in his own fashion. Jamoof. It immediately stuck, thank you Sean.
    Years later, my best friends still use the moniker and I’ll still introduce myself to those I suspect may become good friends with the nickname. My Youtube channel of original music is under that name. It tickles the cockles of my heart to read Stroker’s article and suspect that others still get that warm glow when their OH nickname is used in lieu of our more formal appellations.

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