Cabin Rules

Who Can Use the Cabin?

Dues-paying members of the O.H.A., current AMC Hut System croo, and their guests.

Users are required to pay the overnight fee and abide by cabin rules. Friends and family may accompany OH and current crew so long as they pay their fee and follow the rules. Guests of O.H.A. members or current croo are the responsibility of whomever signs out the key at the Pinkham Front Desk.

Please limit your group to no more than 10 people.

Who Can’t Use the Cabin?

Anyone not actively affiliated with either the O.H.A. or the AMC Hut System, unless accompanied by someone who is. Dead heads (free-loaders) are trespassers and will be removed from the cabin. No membership or proof of employment, no cabin.

How Do I Get the Key?

Present yourself to the AMC Pinkham Notch Visitor Center Front Desk between the hours of 6:30 AM and 10 PM, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Show your current O.H.A. membership card or proof of AMC employment, and one form of photo ID. Then enter your name, address, phone, and email in the sign-out book.

Pick up a copy of the “Cabin Operating Manual,” which outlines cabin procedures and rules.

If there’s damage to the cabin during your stay, whoever signed out the key will be held financially responsible for materials and labor for any repairs. Whoever signs out the key is expected to return it to the desk and sign it back in. If this is impossible, then the person returning the key assumes the same responsibility as the person who signed it out, and is expected to sign it back in at the PNC Front Desk.

What Do I Pay?

$15/night for over 25

$5/night for 25 and under, including children

$5/night for current croo

Deposit overnight fees in the cabin collection box. Haven’t paid your OHA dues? Pay at the cabin by putting $25 in the envelope provided ($20 for 25 and under). Include your name, address, e-mail, phone number, and AMC work history.

Forgot to Pay the Cabin Fee?

Do it online, same as dues here.

What If I Leave But Plan to Come Back?

If you leave the cabin temporarily, lock the front door and put the key inside the lower woodshed, over the door.

Cabin Guidelines and Chores

Cabin Guidelines and “Must-Do” Chores for All Users

  • Clean the cabin thoroughly: pick up and sweep the entire cabin, wipe down counters and clean any dirty dishes with soap and water, and in particular, CLEAN THE FRIDGE!!!
  • Take out all trash and put new liners in the trash-cans.
  • Turn off the gas valve on the propane tank at bottom of trail.
  • Make sure the wood-stove is out and closed; refill the wood bin.
  • Sprinkle a little lime in outhouse and lock the catch on the door to prevent wind and animal damage.
  • Shut and lock all windows upstairs and down, including the skylights. Shut and latch the doors on both woodsheds.
  • Firewood at the bottom of the trail? Help bring it up to the woodshed with the sign for green firewood.
  • Don’t leave food!!! Canned & bottled goods will freeze and break or rust with age. Dry goods will remain until someone else throws them out. Do not leave food!!! The next visitors will not drink your Schlitz beer.
  • The Caretaker will leave the valve on waterline below the porch slightly open, to prevent freezing in the colder months. Please leave the goddamn thing alone.
  • Water quality is never guaranteed so folks should bring their own potable water, or boil what's there.
  • Be aware of and correct potential fire hazards; we don't want to lose you or the cabin. Check location of safety equipment.  Please don’t put any flammable items on the stove, fireplace mantel, or within two feet of the stove or smoke pipe.  NO SMOKING in the cabin.  Please do not use candles in the cabin and do not disconnect the Fire/Carbon Monoxide alarms
  • Leave the power on year-round; do not flip any breakers or mains (as you may have done in the past).
  • When checking out, lock the front door and return the key to the Pinkham front desk for use by the next OH. Thanks for leaving the cabin better than you found it!

Winter Notes

Water must be carried to the cabin in winter, typically between Thanksgiving and early May.

Most reliable water on site can be obtained by chopping a hole in the ice at the bridge.

The sink drain will work in the coldest temperatures as long as hot water is dumped in volume. Cold water should be thrown over the porch rail. Don’t leave clean water in the cabin as it will freeze and render the pot it’s in useless.

Keep the main porch, outhouse porch, and fire escape ramp free of snow. Shovel is on site.
Don’t leave liquids. At 20 below outside, the inside of the cabin will be about 0 degrees, and the fridge will be 10 degrees. At which temperature your beer will split its can, and melt when temps rise.


Harvard Cabin lot is available to Cabin visitors, as well as the pullout on the far (west) side of Rt. 16. Both are regularly plowed. These lots get intense use from Harvard Cabin users during weekends in late January and early February. Plan accordingly.

Other Important Notes

Limit your stay to several days at most. The Cabin isn’t intended for extended vacations, or a place to leave your gear while working in the Hut System.

Ask others sharing the cabin if they too are authorized to use the cabin. If there’s any doubt, suggest alternate accommodations in the valley.

Respect the fact that you may be sharing the Cabin with others.

Remember that the cabin has stood for over 80 years without a serious incident because users like you have followed the guidelines above and treated the place as their own.

Please report any problems to Cabin watchman Mike Waddell at 603-466-5149. Mike checks the cabin periodically.

And lastly,