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There are four areas below the dues level selector (Dues Prefs, Donation Options, Your Croo History, and Resuscitator News & Prefs). These sections are optional and you may skip them to just pay your dues, but it would be great to get your full info and preferences.

In addition to this annual dues option, the O.H.A. has a Lifetime Dues option if you’d prefer to skip this annual step!

Dues Prefs

For dues notice delivery, email is a great option as it saves money and printing resources. If you're paying for Lifetime Dues, we'll use this preference for general notice delivery.

Donation Options

In addition to your dues payment, would you be interested in contributing more to the O.H.A.? You can choose an amount from the dropdown. If you'd like to contribute a larger or custom amount, please visit the "Support the O.H.A." product listing in the Shop or contact us.

Your Croo History

We'd love to make sure our records are up to date, please fill out the following to help us out.

Resuscitator News & Prefs

You can include news about you or a friend for inclusion in the Resuscitator. For Delivery Preference, email is a great option as it saves money and printing resources.

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Your dues help pay for the cabin, croo photo displays in every hut, this website and all our social media and print communications, and outreach to current croo—our future members. Whether you still live in the Whites or have moved thousands of miles away, whether you’re able to make the reunion every fall or only once every ten years, your dues provide the funds that allow us to connect you with other OH and with the mountains and places you love.

Membership is open to anyone who worked in the Appalachian Mountain Club (“AMC”) Hut System or its associated facilities as full time or seasonal employees including, without limitation, construction and trail crews; Pinkham Notch Visitors Center; Tuckerman Ravine Shelter; Highland Center; Echo Lake, Cold River, Three Mile Island Camps; and Maine Lodges.

Membership entitles you to cabin use, AMC discounts, OHA merch discounts, opportunities to visit the huts for free, the newsletter, access to croo contact info, social events, and countless opportunities to reconnect with the huts, your buddies, the mountains, and yourself.

The Old Hutcroo Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Our Tax ID is 20-3113986.

Additional information

Dues Level

Adult $25.00, 25 and Under $20.00