2/2/24 update. The fund-raising for the two pavers has come to completion with $1,300 being raised. The OHA will be purchasing two pavers. Thank you to all who donated and supported this effort. 

After enjoying Brian Fowler’s presentation at Fall Fest 2023, several OH stopped and visited the Old Man of the Mountain Plaza and Historic Site on their way home. The visit prompted Bob “Apples” McIntosh to propose the idea for the OHA to purchase plaza pavers to be engraved with Old Hutcroo Association and will add our name to the many families, institutions and companies who find their spirit and homes in the New Hampshire White Mountains. It would also be in honor of our OHA member Brian Fowler and his professional commitment to the geology of NH, especially the Old Man of the Mountain and his long-standing commitment to the AMC, OHA and MMVSP.

The original goal of $650 for one paver was met before we even launched the fund-raiser, so it has been increased to two pavers for $1300. Any donation in excess of the $1300 cost of the pavers will be donated to the Old Man of the Mountain Legacy Fund on behalf of the OHA. Please see this link for online donations or information about where to send a check. We will collect funds until January 31st, 2024.


More information about the paver program at https://oldmannh.org/profile-pavers.php

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