Trail Wanderings (by Bill Barrett)
The Trail Work Party announced for May 14 was only lightly attended due to the last-minute cancellation of the Spring Reunion at the Cabin scheduled for the same day.  We did, however, build one new waterbar on the Hutmen’s Trail.  It is a worthy companion to the one built nearby in 2021, and constitutes a big improvement in the drainage issues that we have recently confronted on that part of the Trail due to higher-than-normal use.  Great thanks are due to Stu Johnson for spearheading the building of both those waterbars!
Unfortunately, the other Trails projects scheduled for that day did not get completed, and still must be done so that the OH Association can fulfill its obligations to the Forest Service as the adopter of the Hutmen’s and Hall’s Ledge Trails.  While the weather is still nice, anyone who can do so should contribute what they can to this important component of the Association’s tax-free status under the Internal Revenue Code—not to mention to the safety and enjoyability of these two trails.
Here’s what needs to happen:  First, just hiking the two trails is a big help, making sure that the trail is followable, throwing branches and other debris off the footway and into the woods, and taking notice of any major problems that can be addressed in the future.  Second, if you have a bow saw and/or a pair of lopping shears, bring them along in order to clear small blow-downs and cut back any branches growing into the right of way.  Third, send a report of what you found and were able to accomplish to [email protected].  Please include the date, number of hours spent, and name(s) of all participants.  If anyone is able to accumulate 16 hours of trailwork during 2022—thus earning a free WMNF parking pass—, please let me know, and I will ensure that you get credit for it.
Also, anyone who can do so should initiate their own trails day, preferably with friends (whether OH members or not), or alternatively can join one or more of several organized OH Trail Croos tentatively scheduled for Oktoberfest weekend, October 8-9 (both Saturday and Sunday mornings at 10AM), and for Sunday morning November 6 (the morning after the Fall Reunion) also at 10AM.  If possible, please let me know at [email protected] if you are able to participate, but it’s also OK to just show up.  If able to come on October 8 and to attend Oktoberfest, please let Dick and Bridget know at [email protected] so they can plan enough food. On October 8 and 9 meet at the Cabin; on November 6 meet at the trailhead for the Hall’s Ledge Trail just north of the Dana Place
We are particularly interested in encouraging any Young OH who are living within a short drive of the Cabin (or who live further away but can make the trip) to start getting involved in helping maintain these two trails and thus carrying on the trail-building and -maintenance torch that was first borne by Joe Dodge and his cohorts nearly ninety years ago.
Thanks to all for whatever you can do before the snow flies to get these two trails into the best shape possible!

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