OHA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes, February 15, 2022
Called to Order: 6:32pm
Steering Committee Present: Emily Benson, Emma “EB” Brandt, Jared Liu, John “Moose” Meserve, Lawrence
“Stroker” Rogovin, Gerry Whiting, Dawson Winch, Alex Ziko
Steering Committee Absent: Jeff Colt, Miles Howard, Phoebe Howe, Kimberly “Schroeder” Steward, Bethany“Benny” Taylor
Guests: Bill Barrett, Doug Hotchkiss, Riley Steward
A quorum (5) is present

Approve Minutes for 11/16 (Jared Liu)
Jared amended the minutes to add he 12/7/21 cabin committee vote that happened electronically.
Motion to approve by Jared, seconded by Stroker, unanimous in favor

Treasurer’s Report (Alex Ziko)
Current balances: $92,353 Checking
$19,677 CDs
$112,030 Total

Membership is lagging about 30% below where we’d like it to be, although the chart below is for all of 2021 and
YTD 2022. Note that lifetime membership is up significantly, though. Alex is working on a metal membership card
for lifetime members, and the board agreed to pay $300 for a one-time licensing fee to Molly Mundy for artwork
that will be used on the back of the cards.

Alex is pretty busy processing dues and sending out membership cards. Discussion about replacing paper
membership card to save time and money on postage. Alex will put together thoughts about a Membership
Committee that we can discuss in April along with whether or not we need a membership card at all.

Cabin (Emily Benson)
Cabin Committee met on 2/2/22 and recommends that there be two seasons for reservations: summer and fall.
The summer session will correspond with the main huts season (5/27-10/20 for 2022). During that time, cabin
reservations would operate similar to how it was before being online with the exception that the key would be at
the cabin lockbox instead of Pinkham. The advantages of this more open-ended system are that it allows Croo to
come and go and interact more with previous generations of OH. Although we could do a hybrid option in which
Saturday cabin usage is online only, since current Croo won’t use the cabin then, the recommendation is that we
continue with one system for the whole summer. Logistics still need to be worked out for how to get the code
distributed to members. Emily did speak to Mike Waddell, who has done a lot with cabin operations, and his main
concern is around accountability (damage, clean-up, etc.). The fall season would be the other 7 months of the
year, and reservations would revert to online only then. Brian welcomes any help with the reservation process.

There was some conversation about whether to ask current Croo to do a chore in addition to the $5/night fee, and
the predominant sentiment was no chore. Emily made a motion for there to be a current Croo cabin pass of $25,
but then withdrew that motion in order to refine how this would be administered. This will be discussed in April.
It was also mentioned that Schroeder is made a new logbook and gave it to Emily. And there was some
conversation about COVID-19 and whether the mixing of groups was wise.

Washburn Land (Stroker)
The owner has been contacted recently but not replies. Also, there’s been no progress on securing the anonymous
$100K donor who presented in November 2021.

Spring Reunion, 5/14 (Stroker, Emily Benson)
The Town of Jackson doesn’t have a mask mandate and, although fairly conservative with COVID protocols still, is
not taking a position on public events. So we are free to conduct an in-person Spring Reunion without municipal
restrictions. As such, Spring Reunion will be an in-person event, with individuals deciding for themselves what is
appropriate for them. Some people will likely be in town Friday for a non-conflicting event at the Shannon Door,
but the main event and clean-up will be on the Saturday. Stroker will get in touch with Richard Stetson about

Fallfest, 11/5 (Stroker)
Phoebe suggested that we have a presentation that appeals to Y-OH, maybe even a presentation from a Y-OH who
could speak with Q&A for 45 minutes about something they’re doing, and maybe even about what it’s like to work
in the huts currently. There is not a stipend for the speaker, although lodging and dinner are provided. Stroker
asked EB and Riley to suggest names by the April meeting. Other names tossed out were Mark Synnott and Amory
Lovins. Synnott who wrote The Third Pole, and Emily will contact him. Lovins is the Chief Scientist at the Rocky
Mountain Institute, and Moose will contact him.

Joe Dodge Award (Bill Barrett)
Someone from Reservations was chosen at the Annual Meeting. Stroker will follow-up with Benny to represent
the OHA voice and report out in April. There may be a longer conversation about the intent of the award being for
OHA or North Country.

Merch (EB Brandt)
There is a call for designs from the OH community. Let EB know if you have thoughts on how to incentivize artists
to submit designs. Ultimately looking to use printful.com for orders instead of keeping an inventory. There was
some conversation about whether to have merch with only an OH logo design or to allow individualization with
designs of huts. It wouldn’t cost anything additional to offer multiple designs. EB will consider the feedback about
hut affinity, that whatever we do not conflict with the AMC, and the OH brand.

Website (Stroker)
Brian has put in a lot of time to get database up to date.

Croo Photo Project (Phoebe Howe via Stroker)
Phoebe has been working with Sally Dinsmore to transfer her materials over to the OHA Google Drive. We’re
missing much from 2000 and on. Phoebe will work with the Huts Department to identify which huts and years so
we can formulate a plan to bring the collections up to date.

Hut System (Benny Taylor via Stroker)
Summer staffing is mostly done, and the AMC is planning to do Croo fill-ins this summer. If you’re interested, use
this link to let them know:

The OHA Cabin policy will be delivered to the Huts Department before April 1 so it can be included in the Croo
orientation materials.
Phoebe, Carter, and EB will suggest OHA members to represent the OHA at Gala in May.
Moose will coordinate T-Shirt sizes mid-summer so we can order OHA merch for all current hut Croo.

Trails (Bill Barrett)
Bill will be in touch with Stuart Johnson about leading folks at Spring Reunion to put in 3-4 water bars. They
promise not to string beers cans along the barbed wire fence!

Resuscitator (EB Brandt, Riley Steward)
Riley, who is currently caretaking at Lonesome and will be the AHM at Lakes this summer, will be co-editor of the
Resuscitator. The next issue will go out after the April Steering Committee meeting. Send notes to EB or Riley by
April 1. They’re looking for more gormings from Y-OH.
Carter will be setting up Instagram.

New & Other Bidness (Stroker)
A reminder to be considerate and kind when communicating with others. Be mindful that larger values and
expectations change over time, too, and it’s important to stay current with that. Let’s be inclusive. Emily and
Dawson will coordinate a piece about this for the Resuscitator, which may also develop into a diversity, equity, and
inclusion (DEI) statement that is posted online.

Stroker is working to secure a discount for OH who attend the Ossipee Valley Bluegrass Festival, July 28-31. This is
a great opportunity for an informal get together.

There will be a notice about Alex MacPhail’s service in the next Resuscitator. Here is the obituary:
https://www.ricefuneralhome.com/obituary/Alexander-MacPhail.  And the suggested charity for Alex’s memory is Easthampton Neighbors. The OHA made a $100 donation to:

Next Steering Committee Meeting: Apr. 12, 2022, 6:30 PM, via Zoom
Apr. 12, 2022, 6:30 PM via Zoom here:
URL: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/3105879688?pwd=bW1NQUxnNUZPaURCdi9EdXBtM3hkQT09
Or Phone: 929-205-6099, Meeting Number: 3105879688#, Passcode: 780291#
Adjourned: 8:17pm

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