Greetings fellow O.H.
Your Steering Committee met on Tuesday night and came to the difficult decision that our annual meeting and Fallfest will once again take place virtually.
We plan to hold another Zoom meeting and presentation on Saturday Novmeber 6th in place of our in-person plans at the Highland Center. One of the fun things that came from our meeting last year was the ‘after-party’ when a number of folks stuck around on the Zoom call and caught up with each other.
Please stay tuned for details of the meeting, the guest speaker and the slate of officers up for election. It will be posted in all the usual places and we’ll have an enews come out via MailChimp, along with the fall Resuscitator.
-Speaking of the Tator, if you have any submissions for the fall edition, please email them to [email protected]
-Last year we had several mini, in-person reunion gatherings across the country and we encourage you all to consider hosting or joining one of your own for 2021. The ones that took place last year included various hikes as well as a virtual reunion for Lakes Croos from multiple generations. You can scroll back through past events on this page to see more details.
If you have anything you’d like to plan, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] or [email protected] so we can help spread the word on these platforms.
Be well,
Internet Lackey

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