OH Steering Committee Meeting,

May 11, 2021, via Zoom

 Attendees: Stroker, Schroeder, Bill Barrett, Eddie Eseppi, Phoebe, Alex, Emily Benson, Dawson, Ken Olson, Gerry Whiting, Liz Seabury, Moose, Brian Post, Richard Stetson & Bridget Qualey, EB, Miles Howard

 Approve Minutes of Last Meeting, April 6 (Phoebe)

 Update 5/15 to 5/22 for OH Cabin prep

  • Moose moved that we pass, Bill B. seconded

 Treasurer’s Report (Alex Ziko)

 Activity has tapered off, doing well in income related to dues however it is deceiving because people are paying lifetime dues. But if you adjust that, we are $2,000 behind the 3 year average for dues income. We need about 80 more people by September/October to track on average.

  • Cabin passes are on target for historic average, this likely means that people are planning to use the cabin this summer
  • Taxes have been filed but bill has not come
  • Question from Emily: How many cabin passes have been sold? About 6.
  • Related to treasury activities: looking for “membership coordinator” position. Alex is discussing with Andy Cook.
  • A donation came in from MMVSP for Gervais capital giving campaign. If that falls through, it can be a general donation
  • Investment Committee – Alex, Eddie Eseppi, Phoebe Howe, Ken Kinder – is a friend of Bensons and agreed to be on committee during first phase. Will help us craft investment policy.

3)      Cabin (Emily Benson & Brian Post)

  • Cabin is all set to go. Executive meeting of keyholders (Dawson, Liz, Schroeder, Emily) was held, lockbox is installed and combination rotation schedule established. 4 people on call in case of issues, lost key, etc.
  • Opening is on May 22 at 10. Cabin is very clean, just need to take down windows etc. Richard Stetson is organizing.
  • AMC croo is using OH Cabin between Gala and start to season.
  • Croo are allowed to use cabin this summer, will also need to make reservations so they can access key via lockbox at the cabin./

4)       Event Planning (Richard Stetson & Phoebe)

  • Spring Cabin Opening (5/22) – Discussed in item above
  • Phoebe working on Fallfest for 11/6, Stroker spoke to Becky Fullerton about a presentation on Brad and Barbara Washburn.
  • Emily to ask Chris Thayer about Pinkham 100th

5)      The Washburn Land (Stroker & Ken)   

  • Carter in touch with owner Mark Gervais. Mark is very busy with family matters right now and he is aware of our interest and now we are waiting. EB, Jeff, Dawson had meeting after decision to pause on developing project. Dawson to send card to Mark on behalf of OH Association. Doug added that Dick Low, OH, has passed away. http://www.whittier-porter.com/Photos/Obits/Richard_Low.htm
  • Ken added some different alternatives to the spreadsheet. Ran income and expense numbers for 3 additional scenarios. All 6 who helped with the exercise felt that purpose of campaign is to preserve land, not keep cabin. Felt that cabin could be detriment to sustainability of purpose long term. Most important thing is to keep campaign simple. Also suggested that we seek meeting soon as passive approach could mean that a housing developer scoops us. This can be done diplomatically even given the circumstances.
    • OH buys whole property and sells cabin
    • OH buys land except cabin
    • OH buys easement but not cabin
  • Ken’s group would prefer Option 1 – buy land and demolish cabin
  • Bill – how would we buy land but not cabin? Ken clarified that property would be subdivided. Schroeder added that Jackson zoning would probably not allow aggressive development on such a small lot.
  • Dawson asked how these options would achieve goals of preservation? Moose noted that yes, this could be challenging with neighbors.
  • Ken re-emphasized that we need to step up the urgency due to really hot real estate market, Gerry agrees. Moose says that it seems like Carter and Stroker have their finger on the pulse, card and donation are really good next step, and we need to trust the process.
  • Bridget Qualey adds that it’s easy to alienate seller, subdividing property could alienate him. Ken added that subdividing would also make the value of the cottage parcel go up and he could potentially make even more on the sale of his house

6)      Website (Schroeder, Brian Post)

  • Working well. Big thanks from everyone for the website work!

7)       Croo Photo Project (Phoebe)

  • Phoebe to work on with Huts Dept. and Sally. Greenleaf photos going up this summer.

8)       Hut System (Benny)

  • Will get report next meeting.

 9)      Trails (Stroker, Bill Barrett)

  • Stroker noted that Hutmen’s Trail needs work, lower portion in particular needs technical work. That will require concerted effort, plan and expertise. Stu Johnson would be good to ask.
  • Bill says end of last season is the best that he’s seen trails because we put so much work into them. Can’t make major changes to Hutmen’s Trail route without Forest Service permission. Water bars would be great.
  • Bill to put together 5 year plan with Stu and John Lamana to bring to next meeting. Would also like blurb on website about status of trails. Will contact Bailey at Forest Service to get input/approval on the plan.               

10)     Resuscitator (Miles Howard)

  • Spring issue is totally done and proofread by Schroeder. Brian and Bill to help with a final proofread.
  • Who do we send hard copies to? Consensus is just mail to people who have paid their dues and who have indicated that they wanted a hard copy. Miles to send final version to Josh with spreadsheet of names and addresses

11)    New & Other Bidness

12)    Next Steering Committee Meeting:

  • Tuesday 8/10 at 6:30 on Zoom
  • Alex also got the go ahead to purchase OH Zoom account for any of us to use for OH business.

Phoebe, 5/14/21


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