Members Present: Alex Ziko, Moose Meserve, Kim Schroeder Steward, Emma E.B. Brandt, Richard Stetson, Elizabeth Seabury, Stroker Rogovin, Carter Bascom, Phoebe Howe, Emily Benson, Brian Post, & James Wrigley.

1) Treasurer’s Report (Alex Ziko)
Future dues notice season is approaching.
The payment for the appraisal of the Gervais land is on hold until the Steering Committee approves the report.
Alex is hoping to include other members in the envelope stuffing process for member dues renewal notices and thank you cards. Most of this work is done in December, January, and February.
Alex will email and involve other OH in the Jackson area to help with the letters acknowledging payment of dues. Moose believes that thank you letters should be sent out sooner, rather than later.
Stroker has noted that we have about $7,000 worth of repairs that have been deferred.
Ken Olson Scholarship will require $25K once we’ve hopefully acquired the Gervais land.

2) Cabin (Carter Bascom, Stroker, Josh Alper)
Gervais property appraisal
Gervais cabin: maintain or demolish?
Other costs related to acquiring the property?
Next steps for acquiring Gervais property
Cabin status: available for member use?

Carter presented a report on the appraisal update. There was discussion on the report and it needs further clarification before the invoice is paid.
There was a report by Carter about the next steps to make a decision on the Gervais land acquisition. Carter suggests that a subcommittee be formed to create a formal response and report back to the Steering Committee in a 4-6-week timeframe. There will be many topics of conversation that come up, mainly whether to keep and improve the existing structure or remove it.

3) FallFest Reunion, Friday, Oct. 30 (Phoebe Howe, Stroker)
Business meeting and featured talk via Zoom (?), 10/30, 7:30 – 9 PM
Special & Honorary Member Awards postponed to 2021 (Guy & Laura Waterman, John Nutter)
Regional meetups for socially distant activities.

Phoebe presented updates on Fall Fest. She plans to give Brian a huge shout for his contribution to the website. Fall fest is going to be a virtual business meeting and include a white mountain presentation by Erik Koeppel. Additionally, various OH Members around the country will participate in a weekend of mini reunions. Phoebe will organize an agenda for the Friday night meeting and circulate it by email. The goal is to keep the meeting as succinct as possible.
The Treasurers Report will be available.
James will make a toast to the departed OH. Emily will provide a Huts update.
Phoebe suggested that a DEI initiative be shared at the meeting.
Phoebe plans to host the meeting using an online tool, such as Zoom. James shared some ideas for Phoebe.
Phoebe asked for help to reach out to OH who might host and recruit a mini reunion.
Caroline Westberg is setting one up on the West Coast.
Peter Ward is setting up a Lakes Croo Zoom call from the 40s, 50s, & 60s.
Emily Benson is setting up tours at the Jackson Historical Society.
Aubrey Howard in VT is organizing a hike.
Caroline S. in San. Francisco is organizing an outdoor event.
Hilary Girardi is living in Europe and requested any content be made available online.
The more content we can get online, the better. Phoebe would like to share photos and videos from the mini reunions.

4) Oktoberfest (Stroker for Richard Stetson)
Early November 1-day event, Richard Stetson to manage, volunteers welcome

Richard Stetson is in charge of Oktoberfest. The workday will be on Sunday, November 8th.
A handful of people will be there, including Mike, John, the Bensons, and a few others.
They do not need a big crowd as there is not a lot to do.
There is an adequate amount of wood currently at the property for any winter use.
The plan is to have some food for lunch.
The new woodshed has a small amount that needs to get moved to the old woodshed and the pile at the bottom of the trail goes in the new woodshed.

5) 501(c)3 Status (Josh)

This topic is tabled.

6) Nominations for 2020 Officers (13 total) (Phoebe Howe)
Chair: Stroker
Treasurer: Alex Ziko
Secretary: Carter Bascom
Resuscitator Editor: Miles Howard
Resuscitator Assistant Editor: Emma “E.B.” Brandt
Treasurer Emeritus: John “Moose” Meserve
Webmaster: Kim “Schroeder” Steward
Members-at-large: Emily Benson, Jeff Colt, Emily Griffin, Phoebe Howe, Liz Seabury, ??

Phoebe read the officer names.
Vice President/Chair is not in the By-Laws, so there is no need to nominate that position.
The By-Laws require that the Steering Committee have an 11-member board.
There is an opportunity to invite someone to the OH Steering Committee.
Phoebe suggests that a new member should be someone who can contribute a specific skillset to the organization, such as a member who can focus on social media, such as: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
E.B. suggests that Holly Chase and Amanda Fisher-Katz Keohane might be options as new Steering Committee Members.
Stroker thinks a younger member could have a role such as posting organic material on Facebook/Instagram.
EB is willing to spearhead writing new topics for the website.
Phoebe suggests adding an official Trails or Cabin chair would be a good position to add.
YOH prefer Instagram over Facebook.
Phoebe will have some names for the Steering Committee by Friday, October 2nd, 2020.
James agrees that YOH who are enthusiastic would be a great fit for the Steering Committee. He suggests using a subcommittee would be more productive for brainstorming ideas with small and focused tasks.

7) 2020 Joe Dodge Award Committee (Whitney Brown)
Emily on status of volunteer representation on Committee
Committee scheduled to meet when and where for 2021 award?
OH nominees for 2021 award?

Phoebe announced that Nancy Weld is the new volunteer member for the Joe Dodge Award Committee.
The committee is scheduled in either mid-November or early December via Zoom. A discussion on new committee members was presented by Phoebe.
The nominations deadline is the first or second week of November (typically November 14th ish).
The nomination form can be found at

8) By-Law Revisions
Proposed changes: (a) membership extended to full-service camps; (b) gender-neutral language
Best to wait until after approval of 501(c)3 application?

Phoebe suggested that there be changes made to the By-Laws to extend the definition of a membership to include AMC camps, and a change to include non-gender-neutral language, such as Hut Croo.
Any By-Laws will stay on the agenda for future meetings until the 501 3 C status has been established.
The general consensus is that the organization should be using gender-neutral language.

9) Website (Schroeder, Brian Post)
Brian Post shared updates on the back-end software of the OH website, including improving visuals and information for members (i.e., merchandise, and paying dues).
The website features a map search for OH members. Additionally, members can be found using the OH Linked-In Page. Brian informed the Steering Committee that past website data is available and will be selectively added to the New Website.
Alex encourages members to pay dues online, which would also prompt members to explore the website.
Brian is looking into a subscription method of payment.

10) Hut System Report (Whitney Brown)

The huts were mostly open and now are mostly closed. The huts will be closed and boarded up, after October 12th, 20202 until further notice.
Whitney Brown is leaving the AMC and will no longer be the Huts Manager.
Emily Griffin will be moving back into her field position manger, and the Huts Manager position will re-open.
Generally speaking, most people had positive compliments about Covid-related matters with the Huts.
The goal is that the hut system will be open for some full service starting next June, 2021.

11) Hut Croo Photo Project
Status of Greenleaf hut croo photos? Photos at other huts?

This topic was tabled until December.

12) Trails Report (Stroker)

Tom Davis (70s?) was up around October 26th and helped maintain the Hutmen’s trail and Halls Ledge Trail.
JT, Emily Benson and Stu Johnson also helped this year.
There is interest from qualified talent for the trail systems.

13) Resuscitator (Miles Howard & Emma Brandt)

E.B. is preparing last minute touches to the Resuscitator.
E.B. is working with a new program Canva, an online drag and drop design tool to create the Fall newsletter. Only print copies will be sent to those who request it. Everyone can access the newsletter via the website and is accessible to all members.
Highlights include information on the virtual fall fest, the 2020 Covid Caretakers, Gormings, Volunteering, Merchandise, Steering Committee Updates and a bio on the Resuscitator Team, and a few other items. New submissions were low this year. Alex suggested that a thank-you section be added to all members that donated to the OH this year.

14) New & Other Bidness
PNC 100th in October?
The Pinkham 100th has been cancelled.
Cabin Update: The Steering Committee talked about the future plans of the OH Cabin.
Stroker shared his position on the OH Cabin. He argued that as long as cases in Northern NH and neighboring states remain low, the cabin could be used by one group at a time. The groups could be managed using a Google Spreadsheet online, and a three-day timeframe between each use. Visitors would be subject to any NH Department of Health restrictions coming from out of state.
Schroeder shared some concerns on who would manage the key. She also asked if members who visit the cabin would be asked if they were quarantining prior to a visit and asked how groups would be enforced.
Stroker suggested that there only be one person in charge of the key and there be at least 3 days between each stay. He also argued that there would be no walk-in appointments. The key would not be available to AMC staff and Croo, and a key would not be available at the desk at Pinkham Notch.
The cabin would be closed, except for reservation only by OH members.
The key could be a lock box, and only those who make a reservation have the code.
Moose opposed opening the cabin.
A discussion will be continued on how best to operate the cabin. This discussion was tabled until further notice.

15) Next Steering Committee Meeting: December 15, 6:30 PM, Zoom Stroker, 9/25/20


  1. Doug Shaffer on November 28, 2020 at 5:58 pm

    Please send me a zoom link for the next steering committee meeting on December 15.

    • Kim "Schroeder" Steward on November 28, 2020 at 6:06 pm

      Hi Doug, we don’t have that yet. We’ll have it a few days before the meeting and we’ll post it here and on Facebook. I’ll ask Carter to make sure you’re on the email list for the zoom details as well.

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