Minutes for the OHA Steering Committee Meeting, August 11, 2020

Meeting held via Zoom.  Present: Josh Alper, Bill Barrett, Emily Benson, Linda Gray (New Hampshire Charitable Foundation), Miles Howard, Phoebe Howe, Ken Olson, Stroker Rogovin, Elizabeth Seabury, Schroeder Steward, Alex Ziko.

1)         Treasurer’s Report (Alex Ziko)

• Income steady, just over $500, on par with past 2 months, no real surprises
• Mike emptied out cash box with cash from back to March
• JT sent merch revenue
• Expenses
• Mike installed new water siphon system, his annual stipend was paid out
• Moose purchased shirts for summer caretakers
• Keeping cash on hand as opposed to CDs for now, pending decision on Gervais – interest rates are so low that we’re not losing much
• Lots of excitement on Alex’s new report format!

2)         Cabin (Carter Bascom, Stroker, Josh Alper)

•  Gervais property appraisal
• Initial report came back with $236,000 value
• Several pieces that were not reflected in report – inside of building, bridge, current use, etc.
• Needed septic and well upgrades reflected in appraisal
• Has been invoiced and will be reflected in August expenses
•  Next steps for acquiring Gervais property
• Carter and Mike will collaborate on getting unsigned revision from appraiser ASAP for final approval.
• Cabin status: available for AMC caretaker use?
• Alex, Stroker, Schroeder, Josh, JT all advocate for keeping it closed
• Bill more comfortable keeping it closed since caretakers seem to be taken care of
• Keep as staying agenda item until circumstances

3)         Fallfest Reunion, Oct. 30 (Phoebe Howe, Stroker)

• To be, or not to be?
• Phoebe proposes business meeting & White Mountain Art presentation via Zoom on Friday night 7:30-9
• People can organize regional meetups anytime that weekend (or earlier in the fall if concerned about weather)
• Schroeder to send out cancellation & save the date
• Phoebe to contact Hi-C to cancel and set date for Saturday, November 6, 2021
• How to conduct Annual Meeting business if Fallfest is cancelled
• Via large Zoom meeting – no socializing, more of a one-way presentation and people can still ask questions/offer comments via chat.
• Josh to confer with corporate law colleagues about SC being able to make 501c3 decision
• Special Members: Guy & Laura Waterman and Honorary Member: John Nutter
• Bill to reach out to Laura to let her know that we’re deferring to 2021
• Stroker to reach out to John to let him know we’re deferring to 2021
•  Nominations for 2020 officers
• Stroker to discuss with Jeff if he still wants to be on steering committee

4)         2020 Joe Dodge Award Committee (Emily Griffin, Stroker)

• Phoebe to follow up with Kyra and Emily to see if they have ideas.
• Liz replacing JT

5)         OHA Huts Scholarship (Ken Olson, Linda Gray [Senior Philanthropy Advisor at NHCF])

• Linda is senior advisor at New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
• Ken has put funds in his will for scholarship, hosting recipients at reunion.
• Ken wanted to do something to help OHA better organize itself as an organization- hopes for OH to become worthy recipient of philanthropy
• Linda put together 2 proposals, were circulated for review
• About NHCF – about one of 800 community foundations around country, Linda covers North Country and Lakes Region. Has set up a lot of agency funds and scholarship funds over the years.
• OH would have to move $25k of its assets to foundations to kick process off. Agency fund generates annual grant to non-profit (about 4% right now), disbursed in February, spent according to purpose of agency fund as outlined in grant. Right now it would be set up to support general OHA purposes.
• Assets would be co-mingled in long-term pool, managed by board of directors that do due diligence.
• Donors would give to OHA and OHA would shift the funds to the agency fund.
• Endowment concept will be very attractive. We applaud Ken and Linda’s planning! Signals longevity and smart fiscal planning to potential donors.
• Organization will not be able to raid endowment once it is set up.
• Everyone on call is supportive of idea, but when is the right time to sink $25k into agency fund? We have real estate deal coming up that may end up in $150-200k range so it’s probably not the right time. It’s a question of when, not if.
•  501(c)3 status is next step, and then revisit NHCF when time is right about 2-5 years from now after real estate is figured out.
• Ken’s planning has backstop that if 501c3 is not set up, or OHA does not have NHCF relationship set up by the time of Ken’s death, gift goes to NHCF for same purpose and eliminates OHA component.

6)         Website (Schroeder, Brian Post)

•  Brian is working on the website – he has been delayed on site progress due to  other client work, but good news that is current site is running well and making progress on new site (mirroring current site and making changes)
• Merchandise section vanished, Brian is rebuilding that. Stroker to send Brian photos if needed.
• Phoebe to follow up with Brian about Google Drive folder

7)         Hut System Report (Emily Griffin)

• Emily not present, Emily Benson and Bill shared their observations of working with and hosting caretakers

8)         Trails Report (Bill Barrett)

• Lots of work to do, but have satisfied our obligations to the Forest Service for the year.
• JT, Liz, and Stuart Johnson going on August 22 to Hall’s Ledge Trail.
• Will also try to address widow maker on Hutman’s Trail.
• JT has passed Forest Service chainsaw certification.
• Ban on volunteering in National Forest was lifted only after 3 weeks or so.

9)         Resuscitator (Miles Howard & Emma Brandt)

• Miles and EB to do co-editing job. EB to spearhead first issue and Miles to provide backup.
• Has gotten a lot of great written material from OH around the country already
• Using Canva as new design program, keeping same traditional look
• Call for work in early September with pages ready by early October, would be great to get done a bit earlier in future to include more Fall Fest details.
• Wants to encourage themes about current circumstances of life
• Bill requests a page that shows croo list for 2020 summer and fall. Miles to include.
• Alex to provide list of donors, to be alphabetized and not sorted by donation amount
• Miles to send to Schroeder for proofreading

10)        New & Other Bidness

• PNC 100th in October – Stroker doubts it’s going to happen
• Stroker has been chair for 20+ years, very open to replacements should anyone be interested!
• Bill asks where are we with the croo photo project? Mentions because we don’t have photos at Greenleaf. Sally finished, they’re sitting at Pinkham. Phoebe to ask Emily what barrier is – do we need a volunteer to carry them up or should they get flown in the fall?
• Phoebe to find what year photos go to at each hut so we can figure out what next priority is. Will ask Sally if she has info.

11) Next SC meeting: 6:30 pm Tuesday, September 29th

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