Minutes for

OH Steering Committee Meeting,

Sept. 17, 2019, Medford, MA


Present: Josh Alper, Bill Barrett, Carter Bascom, Whitney Brown, Emily Griffin, Tom Kelleher, Jerod Richards-Walsh, Stroker Rogovin, Elizabeth Seabury.



1)           Treasurer’s Report (Stroker for Moose)

Income is anemic, but not critically below past years.  Hopefully we can track dues and donations more closely going forward to help us better identify and understand any trends.  Recent 2019 expenses include $2400 for tree work around the cabin, $300 donation to the AMC huts Dept. to help fund End of Summer Party, $270 for fall crew OHA tees, and caretaker’s annual salary.  The transition to new treasurer is well on track, with Alex Ziko already implementing measures to help make picking up the reins from outgoing treasurer Moose Meserve as seamless as possible.


2)           Cabin (Stroker & Carter Bascom)

Cater Bascom has been tasked with contacting one of the abutters to OHA land to ascertain his future plans and help us formulate options going forward.  Stroker has been in contact with the Harvard Camp Corporation, owners of the Harvard Cabin property, who are also interested in helping preserve land adjoining their property in it’s natural, undeveloped state.  The AMC’s Harvard Cabin Committee, which manages the Cabin and surrounding property for the HCC, is unlikely to participate in any meaningful way should adjoining land be offered for sale.  Harvard Outing Club may be interested.  More info and a more extended discussion of options to follow at the next Steering Committee meeting, 11/1, 6:30, The Shannon Door, Jackson, NH.


3)           EOS Report (Carter Bascom & Emily Griffin)

Huts management presented videos and a recap of the summer.  Jesse Keck has agreed to represent the OHA at Fall Gala.


4)           TFC 100th report (Stroker)

Around 300 people attended the AMC Trail Crew 100th anniversary party at the base of the Mt. Washington Auto Road on August 24th.  Former and present TC as well as representatives of the US Forest Service gave presentations on various trail and shelter projects throughout the day; also a tour of the planned improvements for Camp Dodge Volunteer Trails Center and new HQ for TFC.  Catered lunch and dinner were fab.  The evening program included recognition of select past and present TC members for their special contributions, with remarks by AMC brass and TC alum.  A months-long aggressive fundraising campaign for Camp Dodge was also successfully concluded. Afternoon entertainment included a bluegrass band and plenty of opportunity to chat.  All in all, a very well planned and run affair, thanks to head organizer Bruce “Jake” Jacobsen.


5)           Fallfest Reunion, Nov. 2 (Stroker)

Key speaker for the after-dinner presentation will be Jeff Colt, expounding on the history of trail running in the Whites and beyond.  Linus Story, Gerry Whiting, Doug Hotchkiss, and others are organizing the presentation of the Honorary OH Award to Ken Olson, with Mike Waddell handling the Special Member Award to Joe Brigham (posthumously).  Event organizing has been passed from Stephanie Maraldo to Phoebe Howe, who will also be leading a 1 PM trip up Mt. Avalon with Carter Bascom, with Thom Davis along to offer commentary on the local geology.  Young Member Session at 3:30 will focus on engaging OH living outside the Boston and New England area, among other topics.  Info has been posted on Facebook and the website, and will be published in the Resuscitator and updated as needed.


6)           Oktoberfest, 10/12 & 13 (Stroker)

               Richard Stetson and Bridget Qualey will organize and publicize this event.


7)           OHA Ambassador Program (Whitney Brown & Josh Alper)

Minimal participation this past summer—just 2 people.  Still a mystery why more OH don’t take advantage of this generous offer of a free overnight hut stay for them and a guest.  Carter and Phoebe to recruit Young OH for next summer, with the objective of finding one person for every hut in both summer and fall seasons (16 total).


8)           Membership Outreach (Carter)             

How do we engage members living outside New England?  Carter reported on conclusions reached during a recent conference call, including better use of communications (more direct emails, broadcasting meetings over the internet with possible call-in capability, etc.).  Also regional events and meetings, and multi-generational fill-in croos and Hut Ambassador visits.


9)           Website (Carter, Stroker for Schroeder)

Schroeder is working with Taylor Burt (website technical support) and Dan Racowksi (web designer) to build bulk emailing capability into the website.  Carter working on the OHA FB Page (now a FB Group admin), as well as privacy guidelines for OHA social media.


10)         Resuscitator (Stroker for Beth)

               Next issue due out 10/1.  Beth still needs help needed with layout and proofing.


11)         2020 Steering Committee Nominations


Phoebe Howe: Vice-Chair

Jenna Whitson Koloski: Secretary

Alex Ziko: Treasurer

Moose Meserve: Treasurer Emeritus

Beth Weick: Resuscitator Editor

Will Murray: Assistant Editor

Shroeder Steward: Webmistress & Asst. Editor


Liz Seabury, Emily Griffin, Jeff Colt, Emily Thayer Benson, Carter Bascom


12)         Hut System Report

Madison and Lakes will be closing the week of 9/22.  Filling spring caretaker and fall croo positions has been difficult.  Smooth summer overall, notwithstanding the occasional injuries and personal issues.  Next summer, the plan is to hire 2 extra crew who can serve as reserve to cover for vacated slots.


13)         Trails Report (Bill Barrett)

Bill Barrett patrolled the Hutmen’s Trail in May and Hall’s Ledge trail in August.  Lots of sapling growth to clear but no blowdowns.


14)         New & Other Bidness

PNC 100th coming up next summer.

Annual calendar for meetings adopted last meeting (see website for more info).

Board of Advisors will meet in November to discuss how the volunteer trails program can best support the AMC mission: same for Pinkham and the Highland Center.  OHA input?  Lower opportunity costs to make it easier for people to volunteer; engage people through volunteer trail work (chapters and other AMC groups, volunteer organizations, outdoor clubs, college outing clubs (HOC, MIT, UNH, DOC, etc.).  Regarding facilities, offer low-cost options; facility staffing will continue to be a gating factor for what amenities and services the AMC may be able to offer.


15)         Next Steering Committee Meeting: Nov. 1, 6:30 PM, The Shannon Door, Jackson, NH









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