The following folks have been nominated to serve on the OHA Steering Committee for 2020.
As directed by law, we’re sharing their names in advance of our annual meeting, Fallfest, on 11/2.
Speak now, or forever hold your peas.
Please join us next month for a full afternoon and evening of socializing, news, and awesome presentations.
2020 Steering Committee
President/Chair: Stroker Rogovin, 70s & 80s
Treasurer: Alex Ziko, 00s
Secretary: Jenna Koloski Whitson, 00s
Treasurer Emeritus: Moose Meserve, 60s
Resuscitator Editor: Beth Weick, 00s
Assistant Editor: Will Murray, 00s
Webmaster: Schroeder Steward, 90s & 00s
Members-at-Large (6):
Phoebe Howe, Vice-Chair, 00s
Emily Griffin, 10s
Emily Benson, 80s
Elizabeth Seabury, 70s & 80s
Jeff Colt, 10s
Carter Bascom, 10s
Also, please join us on November 1st at the Shannon Door Restaurant and Pub in Jackson for the next Steering Committee meeting. All are welcome. Begins at 6:30.

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