Minutes for

OHA Steering Committee Meeting,

June 18, 2019, Medford, MA

Present: Bill Barrett, Stroker Rogovin, Elizabeth Seabury.

1)           Treasurer’s Report (Stroker for Moose)

May numbers are in and dues are sluggish, a bit behind where we should be this time of year.  Moose will beat the bushes with a notice on Facebook.  Delay in distributing the Resuscitator may account for some of the depressed revenue.

Transition to our new treasurer, Alex Ziko, is going well.  He’s discussing treasurer duties and transition logistics with Moose.  Plans are in place to transfer accounts from Moose’s name to Alex’s beginning this summer, as well as changing the publicized OHA address for paying dues, cabin fees, merch, etc.  The Venmo account has yet to be activated, so this will also be in Alex’s name.   Alex was voted in at the meeting on 3/19/19, and will officially assume duties from Moose at the Annual Meeting, 11/2/19.

2)           Cabin (Stroker)

Mike Waddell is still researching fire exit lights that function well at low temps.  Stroker explored options through a friend who works in the life/safety field but came up empty handed.

Cabin work slated for this year and next includes selective tree trimming along the boundary, and adding a first floor emergency egress off the small bunkroom (around $5K).  Purchases include two cords of wood.                                         

3)           Spring Reunion Report (Bill Barrett)

Good weather saw a decent crowd, including some Y-OH and current croo studying Wilderness First Aid who were bunking at the Cabin.  Richard Stetson And Bridget Qualey orchestrated the food, some of which was pot luck, and did their usual superb job of grilling for the masses.

4)           Gala Report (& EOS, EOF)

     Phoebe Howe and Carter Bascom to represent the OHA at Gala and EOS, and/or designate subs.

5)           Fallfest Reunion, Nov. 2 (Stroker for Stephanie Maraldo)

Featured presentation is OH Trail Runners, coordinated by Jeff Colt.  Hilary Girardi and Doug Mayer have been invited but may not be able to make the trip stateside from their residences in France.  Same for Katie Schide.  Jeff will relate his own experiences in the field, and will possibly be joined by some of the above and others (Jess Marion, Ari Offsevit?).

Former AMC Huts Manager and key leader in the education squad program Ken Olson is to receive the Honorary OH award for service above and beyond to the OHA, AMC, and related concerns.   John Nutter was suggested to present the award.

Helicopter pilot Joe Brigham has been posthumously nominated for OHA Special Member, to be given to his family.  Mike Waddell to present, and extend invitations to the family. 

6)           OHA Ambassador Program (Stroker)

No report from Stephanie Maraldo on progress inviting former Info Vols and Hut Naturalists to act as OHA Hut Ambassadors on visits to huts his summer.  Other OH expressing interest in representing the OHA in the huts this summer are Doug Teschner, Elizabeth Seabury, and Doug Shaffer.                                                  

7)           Photo Project (Stroker for Doug Hothckiss)

Refurbished Greenleaf croo photos have been reinstalled at the hut.  We’re still looking for photos of Y-OH standouts for the OH Cabin.

8)           Website (Stroker for Schroeder, Carter)

Improvements continue to be made to managing membership data; emailing capability is still under development, under Webmistress Schroeder’s direction, with help from Taylor Burt and Dan Rakowsky.

Carter Bascom is still working on the OHA FB Page (he’s now a FB Group admin), as well as developing privacy guidelines for posting on all OHA social media platforms.

9)           Resuscitator (Stroker for Beth)

     Next issue 10/1.  Beth needs help with layout and proofing.  Anyone possessing these skills and a few hours to donate to the cause should contact her directly.

10)         20210 Steering Committee Nominations

Many current Steering Committee members have expressed the desire to serve an additional term.  Officers include: Stroker (President), Jenna Koloski (Secretary), Beth Weick (Resuscitator Editor), Will Muray (Asst. Ed.), and Schroeder (Webmistress).  Alex Ziko will assume the Treasurer’s seat from Moose, ex officio.  As another seat on the Committee is reserved, ex-officio, for a treasurer or secretary emeritus, Moose (soon-to-be former treasurer) will confer with Tom Kelleher (former secretary) about taking his seat, to provide maximum guidance and continuity as we transition between treasurers.  The seven names above represent all ”executive” officers nominated for the 2020 term.

The Steering Committee can seat up to 13 members, leaving 6 more seats to be filled by Members-at-Large.  Returning members include: Elizabeth Seabury, Phoebe Howe, Jeff Colt, Carter Bascom, and Stephanie Maraldo.  Eric Gotthold will be stepping down, replaced by new Huts Field Assistant Emily Griffin.

We’re pleased to report that the 2020 Steering Committee is perhaps the best qualified ever to represent our membership, being comprised of 6 men and 7 women, with service in the huts distributed over the decades from the 60s forward (9 of the 13 members having served within the past 20 years).

It has also been suggested that Phoebe Howe assume Beth Weick’s duties as Vice-Chair, a move supported by all and awaiting Phoebe’s acceptance of the position.

11)         Hut System Report (Stroker for Whitney Brown)

Spring was unseasonably cold, with up to 8” of snow falling at a time.  30 croo returning, with 20 new.  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training is now part of every croo’s standard orientation.   As of this meeting, Fall Croo were in the process of being hired, with one week to go.  Madfest has been cancelled, with most current croo meeting the news with indifference, citing other opportunities to gather and celebrate.

12)         Trails Report (Bill Barrett)

Bill Barrett patrolled the Hutman’s Trail following Spring Reunion at the Cabin.  Bill will do Hall’s Ledge Trail in the immediate future, possibly scheduled for July 5th, possibly with help from Liz Seabury and others.  Bill to post notice on the website and Facebook.

13)         New & Other Bidness

TFC 100tha anniversary coming up on August 24, at the base of the Auto Road.  Activities to include review of improvements currently underway at Camp Dodge, tributes to Bob “Bobe” Proudman, socializing, etc.

PNVC 100th coming up in 2020.  Stay tuned.

As has been informally discussed for some time now, the Steering Committee agreed to establish an annual meeting schedule well in advance, including dates and locations, rather than address this detail month to month.  Younger members in particular have suggested that fixing a set calendar may help attendance, particularly among those juggling young families, jobs, and other responsibilities.  Schedule to be posted on the website and Facebook.

Here’s the Steering Committee meeting schedule from now through next summer:

September 17, Blue Fuji, Medford, MA

November 1, Jackson, NH (place TBD)

January 14, Lebanon, NH

April 14, location TBD

June 9, location TBD

Those of you living in Portland, ME; Portsmouth, NH; Lebanon, NH; or near other concentrations of current and former croo are invited to suggest when we should meet in your town.  Help spreading the word is always appreciated as we try to engage OHA living outside Boston and further afield.                                                                             

14)         Next Steering Committee Meeting: Sept. 17, Blue Fuji, Medford, MA



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