Author Dan Szczesny has sent a message to the OH and can use some help.

Hi hutsters, Dan Szczesny, author of The White Mountain. I’m embarking on a new Mount Washington project and am looking for some input, stories and help from some long time hut folks.

Three things I was hoping I could get some info/help/interview about:

1) Are there any hut croo still alive or with memories of working Lakes of the Clouds in the summer of 1945 (or anytime during the war years)

2) Does anyone have pictures of the summit from the summer of 1945

3) Can anyone talk to me about the famous propeller and propeller raids that took place. And, is the rumor of a new propeller true? Thanks! —

You can email him at [email protected]

Also, please do not leave comments on this post for him. If you have information to pass along, please email him.

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