Minutes for

OH Steering Committee Meeting,

April 16, 2019, Portland, ME


Present: Kieth Force, Mary Kieth, Jess Marion, John Moose Meserve, Stroker Rogovin, Kim Schroeder Steward, Bob Linus Story, Benny Taylor, John Thompson, Beth Weick, J. Bryna Wentzel, Gerry Whiting, Marty Womer, Alex Ziko.

1)            Introductions were made all around, given the number of new faces, including our new treasurer Alex Ziko, of Jackson, NH.

2)            Treasurer’s Report (Moose)

Income is slightly ahead of this time last year, but dues are still slow (315 to date vs. 400 for an average year).  Upcoming expenses include 2 cords of wood, selective tree trimming along cabin property boundary, and adding an emergency first floor egress off the small bunkroom (around $5K).  Venmo account still in the works.

3)            Cabin (Stroker)

The unusually heavy snow year (most since 1969) required the cabin roof to be shoveled for the first time in recent memory.  Stroker researching options for emergency exit lights that function in low temperatures.  For a list of upcoming imporovements to the  building and property, see Treasurer’s report, above        

4)            Spring Reunion, May 18 (Moose)

Bridget Qualey and Richard Stetson have once again stepped up to manage the food and work.  Event is posted on the website and Facebook, as well as the Spring Resuscitator, due out 5/1.

5)            Gala, EOS, EOF (Stroker)
Phoebe Howe and Carter Bascom have agreed to represent the OHA at Gala.  Representatives for End of Summer and End of Fall parties are being sought.

6)            Fallfest Reunion, Nov. 2 (Stroker for Stephanie Maraldo)

Featured presentation will celebrate OH trail runners. Hilary Girardi, Katie Shide, Doug Mayer, and Jeff Colt have all been invited to speak.  Unsure at this point if the European contingent can make it, but Jeff is a definite.  Ken Olsen has been nominated to receive an Honorary OH award.  Long-time helicopter pilot to the huts, Joe Brigham will receive the OHA’s Special Member award posthumously.  Fallfest organizer Stephanie Maraldo is planning a family and kids hike for the morning of, with a more rigorous hike starting around noon.  Details TBA.

7)            OHA Ambassador Program (Stroker for Carter and Stephanie)

Sign ups for the OHA Ambassador program are slow to date.  This program allows OH to overnight in a hut with a friend for free, in exchange for mingling with the crew and helping out as may be needed.  Hut visits by former Info Vols and Hut Naturalists are also encouraged, as is volunteering for these programs (run by the AMC—contact Kyra Salancy).                                                               

8)            Photo Project (Stroker for Doug Hotchkiss)

Refurbished Flea croo photos are ready for installation this spring.  Cabin photo project, headed by Doug Hotchkiss and Sally Dinsmore, is winding down, after restoring many of the older photos and making room for more, newer material.  We’re still searching for photos of older OH women, so don’t be shy if you have any or know where we can find them.  Unframed photos have been added to an album kept near the door.  Many photos in the album and on the walls are still in need of names, dates, and other info.  Feel free to annotate on the backs of these photos. 

9)            Website (Schroeder & Moose)

We’re still experiencing some glitches in managing our mailing list (for the Resuscitator, dues, etc.), but we’re working on it.  After many hours of dedicated work, Moose has updated our entire membership data base, so BIG THANKS for that labor of love.  Carter Bascom is working on creating an OHA FB Page to compliment the FB Group, and is now an admin of both.  He’s developing a Code of Conduct for all OHA-sponsored social media to remind users that posts are public and “forever” (unless they’re flagged and taken down by an admin).

10)          Resuscitator (Beth Weick).

Spring issue is due out May 1st.  Many fun and interesting feature articles, plus the usual reminders to pay dues, pay to use the cabin, and send us your change of address if you move.

11)          Hut System Report (Stroker)

James Wrigley has moved on and up to a position overseeing the huts and Pinkham.  Whitney Brown has been promoted to Huts Manager.  After 3.5 years of capable and tireless service as James’s Field Assistant, Eric Gotthold has left to pursue a new career.

12)          Trails Report (John Thompson)

Bill Barrett will supervise trail work over Spring Reunion weekend and at other times this summer.  Contact him if interested in helping (go to the Volunteer section of the website (www.ohcroo.com).

13)          New & Other Bidness (Stroker and others)

     OH Jerod Richards Walsh awarded two $500 scholarships to two recent croo.  Jerod is funding this program with his own money, to help people interested in pursuing careers in the outdoors to be able to pay down college debt accrued while studying other fields.

The AMC Trail Crew will be celebrating its 100th anniversary this August.  Camp Dodge will be in the midst of major renovations, so the festivities will be held in a tent at the Glen House.

The PNC 100th anniversary is right behind, in 2020.  Stay tuned for further details which will be posted on the website and FB, as well as in the Resuscitator.

The Steering Committee is considering holding a meeting in Jackson, NH, Nov. 1st, the night before Fallfest, so local OH can participate.  Our “road trip” meetings in Portsmouth, Portland, Nashua, and elsewhere have been warmly welcomed by OH living outside the Boston area as a fun and easy way to participate and catch up with friends.

     Your Steering Committee is now taking nominations for next year’s officers and members-at-large.  Let us know if you’d like to help plan events and lend a hand in running the show, or know of folks who’d enjoy serving.                                                               

14)          Next Steering Committee Meeting: June 18, Blue Fuji, Medford, MA (right off 93!)





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