As many of you know, John Meserve (Moose) has been our Treasurer for 30 years. He has done an awesome job but he is looking to retire and hand the baton off to someone else (or to multiple people) and have a bit of overlap with them for training purposes.

The ideal candidate would commit to at least five years for consistency. Additionally, some of these duties could be spun off to others in order to lighten the overall load.

The primary functions of the individual elected as Treasurer of the OH Association shall be:

1. The collection of all moneys due to the Association.
2. The disbursement of said moneys for obligations of the Association.
3. Maintaining accurate financial records.
a. Tracking of annual dues payers.
b. Tracking of other sources of income.
c. Tracking of all expense items.
4. Reporting on the financial status of the organization monthly to the Chair and Vice Chair, at Steering Committee Meetings and at Association Annual Meetings.
5. Preparation of annual budget for approval by Steering Committee.
6. Filing of necessary tax forms with the appropriate entity.

Secondary functions include:

1. The investment of surplus cash into appropriate term vehicles that protect the principal investment.
2. Preparation and mailing of membership cards to all members that pay dues.
3. Fulfilling additional merchandise purchases or directing others to do so.
4. Tracking and negotiating annual insurance coverage.
5. Maintains PayPal and Venmo payment accounts.
6. Active member of Steering Committee.
7. Disburses news, address corrections, email address updates to the appropriate individual within the organization.
8. Other duties that are assigned by the Steering Committee and/or Chair.
9. Coordinate with Huts Management to order and supply current croo with membership cards and OHA information.

Someone out there must have gone into banking or accounting or have some rudimentary math skills and likes the puzzle of being a treasurer for a simple, non-profit organization? If this sounds like you, or some of these duties (perhaps merchandise fulfillment) sound of interest to you, please reach out to Stroker at

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