Minutes for

OH Steering Committee Meeting,

April 24, 2018

Present: Catherine Amidon, Bill Barrett, Joel Mumford, Jerod Richards-Walsh, Stroker Rogovin, John Thompson.

  • Treasurer’s Report (Stroker for Moose)

Dues income is slightly below average to date.

2)            Cabin (Stroker)

How do we encourage payment of the cabin overnight fee?  Compliance isn’t 100%.  Opening a Venmo account would allow people to pay electronically, much like they do with PayPal.  Stroker to speak with Moose about establishing such an account with technical support from webmaster Taylor Burt.

Cabin users can be encouraged to “pay to stay” by explaining how cabin fees only cover a portion of cabin expenses.  Also helpful if current and younger croo in particular take more responsibility for making sure they and their buddies ante up.  The message is simple: if you’re staying for free, your asking someone else to pay your way.  Getting this point accross can include:

  • engaging hut visitors if you notice they’re freeloading
  • huts management reminding current croo that the cabin is NOT supported by the AMC
  • OH Ambassadors reminding croo of the need for everyone to pull their own weight
  • OHA reps at End-of-Season parties reminding partygoers
  • Basically “staying on message” to create a culture of caring and consideration for others

Doug Hothkiss and Sally Dinsmore have reviewed older photos at the cabin as well as available display space, and are restoring and reframing the collection for reinstallation later this year.

The OHA has hired a surveyor to review boundaries lines in a few critical locations, particularly along the access road and adjoining Gervais land.  Road improvements to follow this summer.

The Steering Committee approved the purchase of a charcoal grille to help facilitate cooking for large events at the Cabin.  The Stetson’s have been authorized to purchase a stainless steel grille of their choosing for up to $500.

Smoke alarms have been disconnected by visitors in the past, mostly due to chirping because of lower voltage in the cold.  Batteries have been replaced with lithium, which should eliminate the problem.  Alarms have also been marked “do not disconnect.”               

  • Spring Reunion, May 19 (Stroker)

This event is receiving the usual publicity, including posting on Facebook, website event notice, and mention in the Resuscitator.  Bridgette and Dick Stetson have once again generously offered to orchestrate food and “spring cleaning” work.

4)            Gala, EOS, EOF (Stroker for Beth Weick)

OHA co-chair Beth Weick has arranged for Phoebe Howe to represent the OHA at Gala.  These events are a marvelous opportunity for us to introduce current croo to their alumni association, as well as to lay out expectations for cabin use (a privilege, not a right).  Incoming croo will also receive a welcome letter drafted by Beth, plus OHA tee shirts and decals.

Jeff Colt will find OHA reps for End-of-Summer and End-of-Fall parties. Names TBD.

5)            Fallfest 2018 (Stroker)

Committee voted to award Bruce Sloat a posthumous Honorary OHA Membership.  Bill Barrett to invite his widow, Mary, to Fallfest.  Bill also to contact Doug Teschner and Ken Olsen about making the formal presentation.

All suggested speakers have agreed to represent their respective decades, with Hank Parker handling the 40s, Tom Deans 50s, Ken Olson 60s, Dave Albala 70s, Peter and Emily Benson 80s, Jen Granducci 90s, Miles Howard 00s.  Rep for the teens TBD.

Recording this Fallfest presentation “for posterior” is important, so we’re looking for a videographer—or frankly, anyone willing to point a cellphone.  Please contact Stroker if you want to step up, or know someone who can do this.  We really don’t want to miss all that history!

6)            Library Fund     

        At the meeting in Lebanon, NH. On 3/20, the Committee voted to offer up to $5000 from the OHA treasury to match private donations to help establish a new home for the AMC Library at the Highland Center.  So far, $3700 has been pledged and we expect to meet the target of $5K in contributions from individual OH and another $5K from the OHA, for a total of $10K.  Needless to say, AMC Librarian Becky Fullerton and AMC staff are thrilled to have the support.  The AMC Library and Archives effectively serves as the OHA’s archives, and contains past issues of the Resuscitator, letters, memoirs, photos, video, oral history recordings, news clippings, physical mementos of hut life, and many other interesting and valuable pieces of our past.

7)            Scholarship/Diversity (Jerod Richardson-Walsh, Stroker)

The OHA has been exploring various ways we might assist huts management in diversifying both croos and hut visitors, the AMC is still considering how the OHA could best help.  Talks are ongoing.

Meanwhile, OH Jerod Richards-Walsh has stepped forward with a related offer: to underwrite a grant program that would help relieve the burden of college loan debt for croo who have chosen to work in outdoor recreation.  Many croo might be drawn to careers in outdoor rec, but are unable to pursue their goals due to loans that were accrued originally pursuing other, better paying work.  This program would offer these folks some limited relief and literally help them buy time to reassess their choices, which might include careers with obvious benefits to society. Jerod to formulate an outline of this initiative for review at the next Steering Committee meeting.  Factors to be considered:

  • how would the program be administered (Jerod has agreed to head the review committee)
  • extent of hut system and OHA involvement
  • criteria/selection process

8)            Resuscitator (Stroker for Beth Weick)

        Spring edition is being edited and is due out by 5/1.

9)            Trails Report (Bill Barrett & John Thompson)

        Crawford Path 200th Anniversary coming up in 2019.  The Forest Service is commemorating this milestone with trail work projects.  Bill Barrett will propose and coordinate an OHA plan for trail work and post a notice in the Spring Resuscitator (and subsequent issues).  Y-OH have expressed interest in volunteer trail projects, so this is a good one.  For further info and to volunteer, click on the “volunteer” button at the top of the oh.croo.com home page: https://www.ohcroo.com/volunteer/

Nearer on the calendar, Bill Barrett will be heading a trail work patrol for June 14th,  Other interested parties include Elizabeth seabury and John Thompson.  Anyone else interested in joining the party can reach Bill through the link above.

10)          New & Other Bidness

With our current Treasurer, Moose Meserve slated to retire in 2019, the clock is ticking to find his replacement.  At the last meeting in March, Dave Kruger had expressed some interest in the position.  Stroker to follow up.  Other candidates can make their interest known by contacting the webmaster or any Steering Committee member via Facebook or the website.

11)          Next Steering Committee Meeting?

Wednesday, September 19, 2018, at Chen Yang Li, Bow, NH.  www.chenyangli-bow.com





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