Minutes for

OH Steering Committee Meeting,

March 20, 2018

Present: Bill Barrett, Whitney Brown, Mike Dudley, Tom Johnson, Jenna Koloski, Dave Kruger, Moose Meserve, Joel Mumford, Will Murray, Leslie Nesbitt, Stroker Rogovin, Liz Seabury, Doug Teschner, John Thompson, Tim Traver, Elzabeth Waste Burdge, Beth Weick

  • Treasurer’s Report (Moose Meserve)

Both income and expenses are more or less on track for the year. Dues are running a bit slow, but are coming in. Through February, we spent about $1,000 – mostly on website hosting and insurance. We have a surplus of over $12K with about $72K cash as of February.

So far so good this year!

2)            Cabin (Stroker)

There is some work coming up on the cabin. Have to regrade the road from Rt. 16 to the Big Boulder. We are also working to have the lot surveyed again. At times, there have been some concerns with a nearby neighbor regarding the OH cabin. The survey will allow us to clarify boundaries to be able to make some improvements above the Boulder allowing parking access below the moonwalk. Improvements will also include an exit only door in the lower bunk room.

One concern from the cabin caretaker is disconnection of the fire detectors. Stroker will ask Mike to put up a sign with clear instructions to deal with cold batteries and NOT disconnecting wires.

Work on the photo project continues. Doug Hotchkiss and Sally Dinsmore are working to consolidate and will be completed by Spring. Eric is working on current croo photos. Everyone should feel free to spread the news among friends that there will be room to share more recent photos!

Stroker will ask Sally about the Greenleaf photo project and whether they will be ready soon.

Whitney will send current croo photos to Taylor for website posting.

There was a discussion regarding the cabin payments. It continues to be a challenge that folks are using the cabin and not paying the fee for everyone staying. Several ideas for improving this issue were discussed including looking into Venmo for easy online payments, spreading the news about the reservation calendar on the website to allow for easier and earlier scheduling, and posting info at the cabin clarifying the costs of the cabin each year to encourage payment (Stroker will talk to Tom).

3)            Gala 2018 (Beth)

Beth is looking for coverage of the EOS parties and Fall Gala.

4)            Website (Stroker)

Kim and Moose have been working on the back end with Dan to tackle some administrative challenges. The database has transferred and Moose is working with Dan to ensure consistency. Stroker will check in with Dan to wrap up the transfer.

Jenna will post MIA OH to the website and Facebook.

5)            Fallfest 2018 (Stroker)

Fallfest will be a Then and Now Theme. We have speakers assigned for each decade to share their experience in about 5-7 minutes each. We are still looking for a speaker from the “teens.” Whitney will connect with James to think about suggestions (Phoebe Howe? Emily Griffin?)

Other decades: 40s = Hank Parker; 50s = Tom Deans; 60s = Ken Olsen; 70s = Dave Albala; 80s = Bensons; 90s = Jen Granducci; 00s = Miles Howard

The Steering Committee voted to award and honorary membership to Bruce and Mary Sloat at Fallfest.

We are in need of a videographer to capture the Fallfest then and now speeches. Some ideas that were shared: Lincoln, Brian Post may know someone, Asher Brown (Whitney will ask first), and Doug Schaffer.

7)            Diversity (Stroker for Nathaniel Blauss, James Wrigley)

The hut system is currently exploring ways to attract more minorities and members of populations not typically represented among hut croos.  Across the AMC as a whole, encouraging diversity among members and guest as well as staff is an important and fresh focus.  For the past year, the OHA has been exploring ways we might help.  Nathaniel Blauss, Stroker, and James Wrigley (Huts Manager) have had extensive conversations to explore the topic.  The hut system welcomes ideas and help; we’re just not sure if and how that help might be offered.

All in attendance welcomed the idea of being more involved in diversity efforts. Whitney shared some of the efforts that the AMC and huts staff is currently engaged in around these efforts including working with a consulting group to build a 3-year plan that has been built into the huts strategy. Eric is sitting on a working group involved in diversifying staffing. Huts staff continue to work on efforts to make the huts built environment more welcoming and inclusive. Whitney also shared that this is an initiative that current croos are passionate about.

Ideas and suggestions that were shared:

  • Connect with the pool of YOP leaders as potential future croo.
  • Moose will chat with James at their upcoming meeting. He has connected with a camp in MA run by the daughter of an OH – perhaps there are ways to connect with campers at an earlier age.
  • Outdoor Afro is an organization working to build more diversity in outdoor recreation generally – this may be a good group to connect with.
  • Perhaps current croo or past croo in college have ways to connect with other students to share the huts experience and “recruit.”
  • OH and huts staff could work with current crooo to foster recruitment – when youth groups are visiting, being available to answer questions, connecting with guests, fostering a warm and welcoming environment that reflects inclusion.
  • Connect with NOLS and other outdoor organizations to learn about their efforts.

8)            Resuscitator Update (Beth Weick)

     Spring deadline is April 15. Should be out by 5/1. We’ll take any submissions! Spread the word!

9)            Hut System Report (Whitney Brown)

The huts are opening soon! This year there will be 15 new people. Whitney shared the list of 2018   hutmasters – see the Resuscitator for the list. The Lakes septic has been redone.

10)          Trails Report (Bill Barrett & John Thompson)

The OH is an adopter of the Hutman’s Trail and the Halls Ledge Trail which makes us part of the White Mountain Trails Collective (WMTC). To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Crawford Path in 2019, WMTC is organizing all of the clubs to work on the Crawford Path (which is in rough shape) over an 8 week period. The invitation is open to us to sign up and work. Bill will put in the resuscitator.

A trail day will be organized this summer as well. Contact Bill Barrett or John Thompson if you are interested in volunteering or visit the ohcroo website here: https://www.ohcroo.com/volunteer/

11)          New & Other Bidness

Last but certainly not least, our long-serving and long-suffering treasurer, Moose, will be stepping down in 2020.  Any and all applicants should contact Moose or Stroker. Moose is able to council and mentor. Ideally, we are looking for a commitment of 5 years to learn the tricks of the trade and get comfortable in the role.

The AMC Library and Archives is being moved from Boston to Thayer Hall at the Highland Center. This includes a great deal of OH history – oral history, photos, and other archive materials. The move and renovations will be costly – likely around $43K. Stroker asked the group whether the OH could contribute for the moving and renovations cost to ensure the preservation of OH history. The group agreed to a matching fundraiser, with an OH match up to $5,000 in memory of Jim Hamilton. Beth will contact Becky Fullerton (AMC Archivist) for language to be shared in the resuscitator. Jenna will post on the website and Facebook.                   

12)          Next Steering Committee Meeting: Boston, April 24

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