This field trip builds on last year’s success in Franconia Notch and will focus on the familiar geologic features in Pinkham Notch. Brian (an OH) has many years of research in the Notch and is well-known for leading field trips that are interesting for both trained geologists and interested laymen.

Meet in the parking lot of the AMC Pinkham Visitors Center at 1:00 PM. Stops will include Mt. Washington Auto Road’s Base Lodge, Great Glen Trail, Tuckerman Ravine Trail and Crystal Cascade. No sign up is needed; just show up at 1:00 sharp. The trip is free!

Here’s the itinerary. Some maps and hand-out’s will be provided. Please remember sturdy footwear and clothing appropriate for the day and changing Autumn weather are required.

  • Meet in the parking lot of the AMC Visitors Center at 1 PM.
  • Carpool and then drive to the North Parking Lot at the Mt. Washington Auto Road’s Base Lodge (east side NH 16).
  • Discuss the possibility and features of a possible mountain glacier in the Great Gulf after the departure of the last ice sheet. Discuss the glaciation of the summits of the Presidential Range during the last ice age (Late Wisconsinan) and the one before that (Illinoian).
  • Hike Great Glen Trails about 0.3 mile (~ 0.6 round trip) to and then discuss the nature and extent of a possible terminal moraine from the Great Gulf glacier and the formation/demise of Glacial Lake Philbrook.
  • Return to North Parking Lot and drive back to AMC Visitors Center parking lot
  • Hike on Tuckerman Ravine Trail about 1/3 mile (~0.6 round trip) to First Bridge to discuss possible mountain glaciation in Tuckerman Ravine and its possible effects below in Pinkham Notch.
  • Hike back to parking lot and drive south to Crystal Cascade parking lot.
  • Short hike into Crystal Cascade to discuss White Mountain faulting and its importance in the creation of the region’s Notches.
  • Drive back to Visitors Center parking lot to “un-carpool” and head to the Highland Center for cocktail hour – hopefully by about 4 PM.

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