Dr. Brooks Van Everen, 80, of Lafayette, CO died in his home May 7, 2014 surrounded by loved ones. Born April 15, 1934 in Boston, MA to Louise Brooks Van Everen and Frank Hansen; he worked at the Application Mountain Club in New Hampshire before serving in the Army during the Korean War. He married the love of his life, Eleanor Goodgridge Van Everen on August 17, 1957 at the age of 23. Brooks completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees in history at Boston University and then moved to Colorado where he completed his doctorate work at the University of Colorado. Following his retirement from Metropolitan State College of Denver after 30 years of teaching, he was awarded the title of Emeritus Professor of History and distinguished by the Secretary of State for his work in promoting peace, stability and understanding during the cold war. His wife Eleanor, his four children Barry, Doug, Mark, and Heather, and his eight grandchildren survive him. Brooks loved being with his family; he enjoyed the open spaces of Colorado where he could often be found walking with his golden retrievers.

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