Charles Henry Rowan, of Boulder Colorado, passed away Saturday, April 18, 2009. Originaly from Fitchburh MA, he was 83. He is survived by his son, Mark Rowan, his daughter, Lori Hansen, both residing in Colorado, and three sisters. Chuck spent time in the White Mountains in the late 40s and then again in the early 50s. In September, 2005, he made it back for a last trip, traveling with Doug Hotchkiss, who lovingly took him under hand.

Chuck lived a colorful, adventurous and fabulous life, more than 50 years of it with his beloved wife, Suzanne, who passed in 2006. Their life together was like a fairytale – they were very much in love, constant companions and true adventurers. They traveled the world together, skiing, surfing, waterskiing, hiking, trekking, and dancing along the way. Chuck’s last big trip was in August 2007 with his daughter. He skied for the last time in Portillo, Chile where Suzanne and he had skied more than a half century before, and he finally got to visit Easter Island, one of the last places on this earth he had not been.

Chuck’s favorite places in the world were San Onofre, California (surfing), Alta, Utah (skiing), Lake Powell, Utah (waterskiing and exploring), and the White Mountains (hiking and being a hutsman). He is sorely missed but ah, what a life! We should all be so lucky!


  1. Jeff Cardona on January 6, 2015 at 11:09 pm


    I’m in Long Beach CA, and I just picked up an older vintage Hobie surfboard, and on the top of the upper deck of the srfbd, the name Chuck Rowan is there, and I have since started my inquiries. Apparently he was quite the Adventurer, and may have also surfed for Hobie as well.

    I hope that you may be able to please shed some light on this, as I carefully and humbly learn about history…

    Thank you,


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