The legend of Daid Haid/Dead Head

Skull, raid item, prized possession

Daid Haid/Dead Head

Daid Haid was supposedly found in the Pemigewasset Wilderness by a hiker Goofer or a croo person while bushwhacking through the terrain.  It was believed to be a skull of a Native American.The skull was dropped off at Zealand Falls hut until its demise when it showed up at Ann Dodge’s and Jack Middleton’s wedding.  Purportedly, Joe Dodge had it destroyed and its remains returned to the Pemigewasset and placed where no remnants could ever be rediscovered.

The legend suggests that it was transported back and forth to be equally shared by Zealand and Galehead huts,  to be placed on display as an object of interest and as a much prized and popular raid item.

Mostly Daid Haid was transported by unsuspecting Goofers.  This method of delivery was frequently deployed to deliver various items from one hut to the other.  The photo shows Daid Haid reposing on the front, spacious porch of Zealand Falls Hut.

Daid Haid was present when the Ashbook’s ran Zealand Falls Hut in the summer of 1942 on an extended honeymoon. Photo and story courtesy of Willy Ashbrook