Please join us for the next Steering Committee meeting on Tuesday June 13th, 2023
Passcode: 780291
By Phone: 929-205-6099
Meeting Number: 310 587 9688, Passcode: 780291

1) Secretary’s Report (Jared Liu)
Approve Minutes for 4/11/23
Membership Report
2) Treasurer’s Report (Alex Ziko)
Investment Sub-Committee update
Land gift finalized
Search for new treasurer
3) Cabin (Emily Benson & Brian Post)
Status of physical improvements
OHA Code of Conduct
Cabin policy updates
4) Spring Reunion Report (Stetsons)
5) Fallfest (Phoebe)
Featured speaker?
Honorary/Special Member definitions, nominations
Small donation to Old Man of the Mountain Legacy Fund?
Nicole Zussman will attend
6) Hut Ambassador Program (Phoebe)
7) Merch (EB Brandt, Brian Post)
8) Website (Schroeder, Brian)
9) Croo Photo Project (Phoebe)
10) Hut System (Benny Taylor)
11) Trails (Bill Barrett)
Spring reunion & summer trail projects
12) Resuscitator (EB)
13) New & Other Bidness (Stroker)
Paul Cunha Fund
Ossipee Valley Music Festival, 7/27 – 30
2023 remaining dates: 9/19, 11/14
9/19 in person? Location?

14) Next Steering Committee Meeting: September 19, 2023, 6:30 PM

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