Please see the minutes from our August 2021 meeting, held via Zoom.


OH Steering Committee Meeting,

August 8th, 2021, via Zoom

Members Present:  Alex Ziko, Bill Barrett, Phoebe Howe, Brian Post, Dawson Winch, Emma Brandt, Elizabeth Seabury, John Meserve, Kim Steward (Schroeder), Bethany Taylor, Peter Benson, Emily Benson, Thom Davis, and Stroker Rogovin. A quorum is present.

  • Approval of the Minutes

Last Meeting, May 11 (Carter Bascom)

A motion was made to accept the last Steering Committee meeting minutes from May 11th, 2021. It was seconded and passed unanimously.

2) Treasurer’s Report (Alex Ziko)

Alex made a motion to hire a professional booking service. The motion was seconded and

Alex shared the investment committee language, and it has been sent to all OH Steering Committee members. Any notes or comments should be sent to Phoebe. The vote will take place in October. Alex implored all Steering Committee members to read the language in advance.

Stroker passed his thanks to Phoebe and Alex for their efforts on the language and process for the investment committee.

Alex reminded that the Zoom Account is available for all Steering Committee members and that it should be used because we are paying for the service.

Investment Subcommittee report

Proposed changes to Treasurer job description

3). Cabin (Emily Benson & Brian Post)

Elizabeth Seabury presented the report. The Cabin subcommittee had a very intense and detailed conversation. Originally, Brian suggested that the system remain “as-is” for now. It does not make sense to make any changes right now. The committee discussed how things might look next year. A few points were discussed on how best to run the system. Ultimately the committee will make a recommendation to the Steering Committee. A survey would be sent out to all OH to find out who did use the system and if there are any suggestions or feedback. How much has the cabin income changed this year versus last year.

Should cabin fees be raised?

Stroker asked if the lockbox code would be changed after the summer season?

A discussion was had on the current reservation system. The reservation system is helpful to track who is there. Stroker emphasized that it is helpful to know who is at the cabin. Brian would like someone to help him with the cabin and Schroeder offered to help.

Emily Benson moved that we continue with the current system until next year. It was seconded and voted to keep the system status quo.

Stroker emphasized that the point is to reaffirm that the cabin is owned by the OHA.

  • Washburn Land (Carter Bascom)

Carter updated the Steering Committee on the conversations with the Washburn Landowners. There are no current updates. Bill Oliver would be preferrable to handle any legal questions.

  • Report on Cabin Opening, 5/22 (Emily Benson)

Emily Benson mentioned that the cabin is open, and people are coming and going.

Peter Benson, the Stetsons, Linus, Jed, Dawson, Elizabeth Seabury, her sister, Alex and John L. helped open the cabin. Nothing was broken along the way.

  • Gala Report (Phoebe)

In the future, the goal is to better integrate our OHA presentation into the activities rather than leave it as a stand-alone presentation at the very end. E.B presented at the Summer 2021 Gala. Overall, the necessary information was provided to all the current hut Croo. The current Croo loves the cabin.

Mackenzie Little and Carter Bascom are presenting at the Fall GALA.

  • Fall Reunion (Phoebe, Stroker)

Phoebe recommends that we plan to have a virtual zoom reunion for the business meeting and feature presentation and then have small regional meet ups similar to last year. With more planning, there should be a better turn out. This type of Fall Reunion would also help avoid Covid issues. This year, we have the HIC reserved November 6th, 2021.
Members discussed their opinions on the Fall Reunion.

Phoebe made a motion to have the Fall Reunion virtually this year. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Nominees for Special & Honorary Memberships

Should John Nutter and Laura Waterman wait to do the presentation in one year from now?

If the Highland Center is open to the public, why wouldn’t we go there?

Phoebe is concerned that the Delta variant may pose an issue. Emily mentioned that having a more local gathering for this event would be best. Bethany agrees with Phoebe and Emily. If we throw an event to bring people into the area, it might be irresponsible for us to have a larger event. Emily Benson is willing to talk to Laura Waterman. Bill Barrett mentioned that she would only present if she felt comfortable. We are also commemorating Guy Waterman with an award.

There was a motion to have a remote Fall Reunion. It was seconded.

The majority voted in favor of a remote fall reunion with small regional meet ups.

The featured speaker will be Becky Fullerton.

  • website (Schroeder, Brian Post)

Brian mentioned that the website is going well and there is merch for sale. Maybe we will consider marking down products and move to some new merchandise. Brian is working with Alex and Schroeder to work on new ideas for membership dues.

  • Croo Photo Project (Huts Manager Benny Taylor)

Benny Taylor knows that Zealand has photos from 1984-2006 (only ones on display). The last photos at Mizpah are Fall 2002 – ?.

9). Hut Report (Benny)

There were many Search and Rescues (SARS) this year. Covid in the huts is very physically and emotional tolling. The Croo is still having a good time, and photos are coming in for the end of summer slideshow. It has been a tough season in ways that weren’t anticipated. The blankets have been removed from the huts, so they have had to remove mention of them from BFDs. There are 2 vaccinated hut Croo that tested positive for covid. Benny suggested that OH could stop by a hut to help wash dishes, or help the Croo, if they needed it. 16 returning Croo this summer were all in leadership roles. Benny suggested that OH could help at Greenleaf and Mizpah this week.

Emily asked how the huts department communicates the need for packers. Amanda has reached out to many OHA and on an as needed basis.

10). OH Trail Improvements (Bill Barrett)

Bill provided a trails update. There are two trails, the Hutmen’s and Halls Ledge Trail. Bill has not been able to go to the Halls Ledge trail. The Hutmen’s Trail is starting to have drainage issues. Bill suggested that water bars be added to the trail. The Forest Service does not need to give us permission because the section is not in their jurisdiction. Bill would like to take on this project in the Fall, or sometime next year. The section of trail is on the steep side of Route 16. There are some sections that need work.

The huge tree was removed. Emily mentioned that there is another tree that has fallen near the height of land. Stroker has mentioned that Younger OH would love to help.
After Labor Day, there would be a good time to work on this project. Benny mentioned that Bailey at Lakes of the Clouds Hut would like to be involved with the trail skills.

11). Resuscitator (Miles Howard, EB)

Not much is going on with the Resuscitator. E.B. asked if Alex could send the 501(c)3 document so the OH could acquire a free Canva Pro account. E.B. will start the Fall issue for the next two and a half months. A mid-October release date.

Alex mentioned that the TAX ID number is on the website. The paperwork from the IRS is required. Stroker asked if there is going to be a highlighted issue. An email chain was going on about a story on the propellor. Please send E.B. anything you want to add to the Tator. Submissions can be sent to [email protected]

12). New and other bidness:

Eric Kipperman is here to possibly take over as a new secretary. Eric worked for the AMC and wants to be more involved in the OHA.

Bill Barrett would like to choose a slate of officers for November’s meeting.

The vote will take place at the next meeting, during the third week in September

Next Meeting: September 21, 2021, at 6:30 PM via Zoom.


Carter Bascom – 8.10.2021








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