Meeting minutes for OH Steering Committee Meeting,

March, 9, 2021, via Zoom

 Members Present: Josh Alper, Brian Post, Bill Barrett, Stroker Rogovin, Gerry Whiting, Kim Steward, Alex Ziko, Doug Shaffer, Carter Bascom, Emma Brandt, Amanda Keohane, Emily Griffin, Elizbeth Seabury, Moose Meserve, and Emily Benson.

 1)     Approve Minutes of Last Meeting, Jan. 12 (Carter Bascom)

Josh moved the minutes and Kim seconded. There was an unanimous approval.

 2)     Treasurer’s Report (Alex Ziko)

The treasury is in a good place right now The new lifetime membership status is giving us the treasury a great boost. Online memberships are bringing in a good stream of revenue and making it easier to donate. The treasury is exceeding expectations on merchandise sales. It was brought up on Facebook and on the website. Perhaps we should push those marketing efforts throughout the year. Nothing new for club expenses as it is still early in the year. 2020 tax paperwork has been sent in and Alex is preparing gormings for Spring Resuscitator. Lifetime membership dues cards are coming later this year. The goal is to have a blurb in the Fall Resuscitator to show off at the end of the year.

Lastly, the money market account is set up and open for the Washburn Place donations. Moose moved the treasures report and Stroker seconded.

3)     Cabin (Stroker)

OHA Cabin status

Stroker provided an update on the OH Cabin and how best to open it back up. Particularly older members are asking that have been vaccinated. Phoebe and Stroker discussed this about 8 months ago with a plan. In a nutshell, there is a safe and effective way to open the cabin. Stroker proposes that we open the cabin, with a key in Jackson, by reservation only with pods and discrete groups that have been vaccinated and have a 3–4-day timeframe in between visits. Is there someone in Jackson looking to take the reservation? It would likely be one person a week, at most with waiting days between visits. Elizabeth asked if there are other considerations for reservations. Defacto, it is not fair. Young people are the last ones to get vaccinated and they cannot use it right now. How will they prove their vaccination? Is this an honor system? If there is a registrar, then there is a vetting process. There should be a phone conversation or email with all of the information. Stroker would handle the reservation process and thinks people can use it responsibly. Is it possible to get a lockbox? Even if people get lazy, surfaces are lower risk than was originally suspected. Brian Post liked what James said, let’s not track vaccinations but rather have 3 days. Brian suggested that they work a bit harder on making it clear as to who will be with them and fill out a form on the website and who will be at the cabin. Brian does not want to be a key holder full time, but would be open to a month or so, and then pass the key off afterwards. The key may be back to Pinkham in the Fall. Elizabeth offered to host they key. Brian suggested that we create a reservation system online.

Emily Benson summarized that we can set up a form on the website with some kind of guidelines in place. If we have a spread of at least three days, then a vaccination is not necessary. The key should have some kind of registration aspect, and if nothing else, it is for contract tracing. There should be a way to make people aware this is a serious issue and should aim for May 1st, 2021. Brian and Stroker will draft criteria on the website with names and a record and Stroker will talk to interested parties and then give them Liz’s contact information. There should be a backup for Stroker and Liz in case they cannot talk to someone.

4)     The Washburn Place (Carter Bascom, Stroker)

                Status of negotiations with Gervais

Fundraising planning

As of right now, The Washburn Place subcommittee has met twice.

Both times, the committee has narrowed down tasks for fundraising efforts.

Carter summarized the process and where The Washburn Place is at in its fundraising process. Stroker discussed the idea of an incentive for donors, such as a bronze plaque. The land should not be developed and should be put into conservation easement. Peter Benson would help provide some mechanisms for what would happen if the OHA were to dissolve. Stroker can contact development who created the plaque. Stroker mentioned that any numbers should be kept confidential, as well as any meeting numbers confidential.

Alex is providing spreadsheets for our next meeting. Stroker went into detail about the process of the fundraising for each decade. The 2000s have then most members by decade. If you know of anyone who has done well and interested in donating, please let us know. Gerry asked what our timeframe would like for the fundraising. Carter expressed that we are waiting to get something in writing before moving forward with the campaign. Stroker suggested that we start with $25,000 for the initial seed money from the OHA and Kim seconded. Gerry mentioned that we need to be very careful about what the message is as we move forward with fundraising. As Ken Olsen suggested, this will be an endowment for the Land Management and campus.

5)     Event Planning

                Spring Reunion/Cabin Opening (5/15)

Oktoberfest (10/16)

Fallfest & Highland Center Status (11/6)?

Emily Benson suggested that CDC guidance’s exist for gatherings outside. Regarding Spring Reunion, Emily is concerned about where people are coming from and thinks that people need to be wearing masks. Emily can look into more details with more guidelines and update us at our April meeting, which is tentatively down for April 6th, 2021. The discussion was tabled. Stroker will check with Phoebe to ensure that the Highland Center is reserved for Oktoberfest. Brainstorm some ideas about the next meeting for topics of conversation on the Washburn Place. Does anyone know of anyone with memories of personal history of the Washburn Place? Becky Fullerton might have some more insight. Stroker will bring it up next meeting.

6)     By-Law Revisions (Josh Alper)

Josh’s daughter just had a baby a month early! Healthy baby and happy family.

Quick update, the By-Laws have been updated to gender neutral language and they have updated to include the 501(c)(3) status.

 7)     Website (Kim, Brian Post)

Brian has discussed options on the Washburn Campaign Updates to the website. If they have any questions, please let us know. New inquiries are coming in smoothly. Emily Benson is asking if we have new ideas for merchandise. Brian said that we can fulfil an on-demand stockpile service such as and integrate it within our ecommerce online. New t-shirts and graphics would be a great idea.

8)     Hut System (Emily Griffin)

Emily Griffin has a huts update for the meeting. First news, Emily Griffin is leaving the AMC in April 2021. The position is on and is in the link below. Feel free to contact Emily Griffin with questions – [email protected].

The AMC is monitoring NH COVID-19 restrictions. Once decisions are made, then guests will be notified. They are working towards opening the huts safely and working to bring guests back this year. The Huts will be closed for the month of May and be open for the busier time of the year. Some of the huts will be open. The priority is how to get people in the huts, then other opportunities will be present. James mentioned that we are going month-to-month. Bill asked if Croos can be hired and if airlifts can be in place. There are contingencies in place to run the huts responsibly.                 

10)    Resuscitator (Miles Howard, EB)

Miles reached out to ask for submissions on the Resuscitator via Facebook.

He is working forward to reviewing the publication. If anyone has an idea of submissions, please send something to Miles.

11)   New & Other Bidness

Gerry Moved that meetings will start at 6:30 PM, Carter seconded. The vote was unanimous in favor

12)   Next Steering Committee Meeting: 4/6/21, 6:30 PM, Zoom

Carter, 3/9/21

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