Do you like to write? You may be interested in submitting something to the Waterman Fund Essay Contest. Some past winners are right here in our ranks too!
2020 was an unusual year. A once-in-a-century global pandemic has affected almost all aspects of how we live our lives, forcing us to change how we relate to the world and to one another. In this historical moment, in what ways has your connection to nature changed–and in what ways has it remained the same?
Essays will be accepted from emerging writers through March 2, 2021. The winning essay will be awarded $1,500. The runner-up essay will receive $500. Both will be published in online and in Appalachia. Essay winners will be selected and announced by mid-summer 2021. For the purposes of this contest, an emerging writer is considered someone who has a solid writing background or interest, but has not yet published a major work of prose on this topic or been featured in national publications. We welcome all inquiries at [email protected].

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