Museum View: This photo is a “stairway” view looking across the 1st floor of art exhibits, featuring Erik Koeppel’s impressive oil painting “Autumn in the White Mountains”, which shows the northern Presidentials as seen from the new Glen House hotel in Pinkham Notch. Measuring 6½ by 11¼ feet, it is believed to be the largest example of White Mountain School of Art in the world. Interim JHS President Anne Pillion gave a brief overview of the museum at the start of each tour and then allowed OH to wander both 1st and 2nd floors of the museum. Anyone who missed the event is encouraged to stop by at their convenience during operating hours. For more info: . Many thanks to JHS for closing the museum for our tours!


Tour #1 Participants: Pete and Emily Benson, Lisa Gilmore Morse, Sally Baldwin, Bill Barrett, Nancy Ritger, Mark Dindorf, Arran Dindorf


Tour #2: Tom Seidel, James Wrigley, Liz Seabury, Dawson Winch (barely 48 hours post knee surgery!), Bill Oliver, Martha Leich, Jeff Leich, Dulcie Heiman, Emily and Pete Benson


Tour #3: Becky Fullerton, Emma (EB) Brandt, Jesse Carlson

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