Mike Micucci, aged 66 passed away October 22, 2020 at home surrounded by his beloved family and with a full head of hair and all of his own teeth. Many people fight a courageous battle against cancer, but Mike Micucci willingly chose to accept the inevitable and let the disease take him on its schedule. Without a treatment offering a life extension of any meaning and serving only to diminish the quality of his life, the end came quickly. He was clear eyed and of clear of mind when his time came.

Quality of life was important to Mike and his was elevated by moving across the landscape on skis, by bicycle, trail running, hiking or paddling, though nothing compared to the joy he experienced when with his family. Cheering his children’s success and lifting them up when they were down was his mission.

AMC Pinkham Notch: 2011, 2013-2017

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