STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING will now take place on 5/12 via Zoom
It had been scheduled for 4/14

SPRING REUNION  5/16, at the OH Cabin is POSTPONED
All AMC Facilities are closed until at least 6/18 and we will follow suit

CABIN IS CLOSED Until at least June 18th, we ask that OH please not visit the Cabin out of concern for your health and that of others. If you bought a seasonal Cabin Pass, we can talk about a prorated refund for this time the building is offline. Please respect the decision by the Steering Committee and please don’t find creative ways to still use the cabin. Thanks for your cooperation. Updates to the reopening of the cabin will be posted through all channels as soon as we have information.

Submissions due by 4/15 to [email protected] due online 5/1. Print edition may be delayed.

THE WEEKS AND MONTHS AHEAD will be hard for everyone, especially folks used to regularly being outdoors. Your Steering Committee wishes everyone a safe stay-at-home for the time being, and we look forward to helping us all reconnect once this storm blows over. If there’s one thing every OH learned in the Huts, it’s how to make it through a crisis, whether it was as small as forgetting to pack your u-trou, or as big as hauling out a critically injured hiker at 2 AM or sheltering guests through a hurricane. We figured that stuff out then, on the fly, and we’ll figure this out too. We’ll get through this.

Stay safe everyone, and solvitur crumpus!

Lawrence “Stroker” Rogovin

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