The next Steering Committee Meeting will be taking place the night before our Fall Fest Reunion. All are welcome to join. If you’ve been thinking about doing so before but the long drive to Portsmouth, Medford, Porland, etc. held you off, now is your chance!

We will be at the Shannon Door Pub and Restaurant in Jackson NH at 6:30 pm on Friday November 1st.

If you wish to watch online and ask questions via YouTube, you can!

To get to the live broadcast go to this YouTube link:
We will manually start the live broadcast at 7:30 PM (EST)
If you are watching the live stream and want to ask questions you can do so via the Live Chat feature.
Click into where it says “Say Something” and begin typing. Then click the send icon
Alex will keep an eye on the chats and ask the question on your behalf. The chat feature works on all devices including smart phones.
We hope this technology will be implemented for other steering committee meetings as well and we reserve the right to go private/off-line as necessary.

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