Steven C. Perry, 64, passed away in June 2018, after a brief illness. He was a resident of Jackson, N.H., for most of his adult life, where he deeply appreciated living in the heart of the White Mountains. Born in Wayland, Mass., Steven was the youngest of four sons to his parents Nancy C. Perry and Frederick G. Perry, who also resided in Jackson during their retirement.

Steven was married to Shirlie Eaton (Perry) for 27 years. During that time, Steven was a loving and devoted father to his two children, Summer and Channing, as well as their half-brother, Jason, Shirlie’s first born.

Steven’s love of the mountains started when his parents bought lifetime passes at Wildcat Mountain Ski Area in 1958, its opening year. Skiing was a passion for the entire family. His exposure to the mountains led to several years working for the Appalachian Mountain Club, Lakes 1970, Galehead 1971, Carter 1972.

While at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Steven took full advantage of the nearby Wasatch Range. He “minored” in his studies (a degree in topography) and “majored” in remote, extreme skiing within the gullies and valleys of the area. While daring, his mountain sense always kept him from crossing the line into trouble.

Steven was a gifted carpenter and was self-employed for the majority of his working life. He made good decisions, took “the direct approach” and moved efficiently on his many projects. He had all the tools and knew how to best use them.

His years of working with both his head and his hands gave him a keen, practical knowledge which served him well through his entire life. Good-natured and with an eternal smile, Steven enjoyed life.

While hunting and skiing were his passions, his love of people, his friends and his family will especially be missed. Steven is survived by his children, Summer and Channing, and his brothers Gardiner and Sheldon.

A remembrance will be scheduled sometime in the fall.

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