OH Steering Committee Minutes 11/14/2017

Minutes for OH Steering Committee Meeting, Nov. 14, 2017  Present: Eric Gottlieb, Bill Barrett, Doug Hotchkiss, Tom Kelleher, John Krol, Moose Meserve, Florence Peterson, Grace Pezzella, Stroker Rogovin, John Thompson 1) Treasurer’s Report (Moose Meserve) On the income side, dues are on target for the year, although PayPal payments are slower than usual. Donations would […]

New O.H.A. Website—The Official Launch

Welcome to the new website. You’ve asked for easier navigation and more features? Here you go. Easier access to croo contact info Professional networking and jobs listings Reformatting for portable devices Easy online payment options for dues, cabin, merch Hut-by-hut chat forums Events calendar with auto-reminders Volunteer opportunities (some in exchange for free hut stays) […]

Minutes for OH Steering Committee Meeting September 19, 2017

Present: Bill Barrett, James Draper, Sheldon Perry, Dan Racowsky, and Stroker Rogovin. 1) Treasurer’s Report (Stroker for Moose) Dues and individual donations are slower than usual, but due to a generous gift from the family of “Pemi” Bob Prescott, donations overall are above target. Cabin income is slow, but not significantly below historical averages. Expenses […]

Bruce Sloat

 Bluce Sloat, Master Hutsman, Master Innovator and Master Wit, set his spirit free on August 11, 2017. He was 86. Bruce was an innovator, nature lover and traveler extraordinaire. Bruce was also a loving husband, a loving father and a lover of all things chocolate, bacon or cheese. Bruce was always happiest outside. So if […]