Awards and Honorary Members


OHA Special Members

The O.H.A. has three classes of membership, two of which, Special and Honorary, are reserved for honoring individuals who have made exceptional contributions to The O.H.A., the huts, and/or surrounding communities. Special members are people who worked for the AMC Hut System or its associated facilities for less than seasonal periods or otherwise have provided services to the Hut System or its associated facilities. Special members pay annual dues.


Cia Ashbrook
Dr, James Draper
Dave Wilson
Clare O’Connell
Andy Falendar
Walter Graff
Sue Hawkins
Frank Kelliher
Laurie Burt
Rick Wilcox
Ralph Woodcock
Bridget Qualey
Peter and Francis Limmer
Bob Daniels
Earle and Ann Perkins
Nelson Obus
Joseph Brigham

OHA Honorary Members

Honorary members are individuals who have made outstanding contributions that have enriched the experience provided by the AMC Hut System or its associated facilities. Honorary members do not pay dues.

Jim Hamilton
Willy Ashbrook
Charles Kellogg
George Hamilton
Hanque Parker
Stretch Hayes
Don Allen, Esq.
Guy Gosselin
Sandy Saunders
Ann Dodge & Jack Middleton
Gerry Whiting
Swoop Goodwin
Fred “Mac” Stott
Luther Child
Brad and Barbara Washburn
Bob Temple
Al Folger
Lt. Gen. Richard Trefrey
Bruce and Mary Sloat
Ken Olson