The Joe Dodge Award


Joe Dodge Award

The Joe Dodge Award is presented annually by the AMC to a member of the AMC community who best exemplifies the type of high quality public service and mountain hospitality that became the hallmark of longtime AMC Huts Manager Joe Dodge's long and distinguished career at Pinkham Notch.

Beyond his commitment to the AMC, Joe showed dedication to the surrounding community through his work as a weather observer, coordinator of search and rescue, and a founding member of the Mt. Washington Observatory. The award aims to recognize the special ability of Joe Dodge to inspire those working with him: on some occasions it was accomplished by hearty compliment; on others by strongly worded injunction; on still others not by words but by being left alone with the abundantly clear expectation that a mission would be carried out effectively and on time.

This award recognizes the ideals and practices of Joe Dodge and the award recipients, and that its presence may stimulate others to go and do likewise. The Award focuses on actions that relate to AMC activities in the White Mountains - particularly the huts and trails and Pinkham Notch. More info on the AMC website here.

Not coincidentally, many OH have been honored with this award, including:

Bill Barrett, 2019
Jess Wilson, 2018
Willy Ashbrook, 2017
Tom Deans, 2013
Eric Pedersen, 2012
Nancy Ritger, 2010
Frank Kelliher, 2009
Chris Thayer, 2008
Dennis McIntosh, 2007
Gerry Whiting, 2006
Stroker Rogovin, 2005
Brian Fowler, 2004
Fred “Mac” Stott, 2001
Tom Bindas & Hanque Parker, 2000
George Hamilton, 1999
Liz Haigh, 1998
Michael Torey, 1997
Preston “Sandy” Saunders, 1994
Jennifer “Sparky” Koop, 1993
Brad Washburn & Dave Wilson, 1991
Rich Crowley & Tom Hutchings, 1990
Peter Crane, 1989
Dr. Robert Ohler, 1989
Don Allen, 1989
Doug Hotchkiss, 1989
Dawson Winch, 1989
John Halporn, 1989
Gerry Whiting. 1989
Bruce Sloat, 1989
Bob Story, 1989
Jed Davis. 1989
Jim Hamilton, 1989
Anne Dodge Middleton, 1989
Brooks Dodge II, 1989