David Shoemaker

By The O.H.A. | February 14, 1979

David Shoemaker age 21, died February 14, 1979 in a climbing accident at Odell Gully Huntington Ravine. He grew up in Lexington MA and worked at Mizpah Hut – Fall 1978.

Collis M Hardenbergh

By The O.H.A. | April 23, 1978

Collis Morgan Hardenbergh died April 23, 1978 at the age of 65. ‘Cog’ was a native of Kansas City, a Harvard graduate and Minneapolis architect. His memorial service was at the Breck School Chapel, which he designed.

Rodney D Woodward

By The O.H.A. | October 29, 1976

Rodney D Woodward was born on April 18, 1905 in Campello, Brockton, Massachusetts, the son of Charles F., a last manufacturer in the shoe industry where Rodney established a love for wood carving and Eva V. (Reynolds) Woodard. He attended the Brockton schools and joined the Boy Scouts of America in 1917, Troop 4 in…

David Seidman

By The O.H.A. | April 28, 1969

David Seidman was killed in an avalanche while attempting Mt. Dhaulagiri on April 28, 1969. “David Seidman was a strong climber. He was the strongest member of our 1967 expedition on the evening that we reached the top of the South Face of Mount McKinley. The summit was still several miles away and at first…