OH Steering Committee Minutes 4/24/2018

Minutes for OH Steering Committee Meeting, April 24, 2018 Present: Catherine Amidon, Bill Barrett, Joel Mumford, Jerod Richards-Walsh, Stroker Rogovin, John Thompson. Treasurer’s Report (Stroker for Moose) Dues income is slightly below average to date. 2)            Cabin (Stroker) How do we encourage payment of the cabin overnight fee?  Compliance isn’t 100%.  Opening a Venmo account […]

OH Steering Committee Meeting Minutes 3/20/18

Minutes for OH Steering Committee Meeting, March 20, 2018 Present: Bill Barrett, Whitney Brown, Mike Dudley, Tom Johnson, Jenna Koloski, Dave Kruger, Moose Meserve, Joel Mumford, Will Murray, Leslie Nesbitt, Stroker Rogovin, Liz Seabury, Doug Teschner, John Thompson, Tim Traver, Elzabeth Waste Burdge, Beth Weick Treasurer’s Report (Moose Meserve) Both income and expenses are more […]


Brief public service announcement from the OHA Steering Committee: Our treasurer is working hard to make sure everyone receives their dues notices and their membership cards. However, every once in a while, someone moves, or goes into hiding, or something, and their address cannot be found. If you are, or if you know the following […]

OH Steering Committee Minutes 11/14/2017

Minutes for OH Steering Committee Meeting, Nov. 14, 2017  Present: Eric Gottlieb, Bill Barrett, Doug Hotchkiss, Tom Kelleher, John Krol, Moose Meserve, Florence Peterson, Grace Pezzella, Stroker Rogovin, John Thompson 1) Treasurer’s Report (Moose Meserve) On the income side, dues are on target for the year, although PayPal payments are slower than usual. Donations would […]