OH Steering Committee Meeting Agenda 11/1/19 – Shannon Door in Jackson NH 6:30pm

Agenda for OH Steering Committee Meeting, Nov. 1, 2019, Jackson, NH   1)           Treasurer’s Report (Moose Meserve & Alex Ziko) 2)           Cabin (Stroker & Carter Bascom)                               Responses to possible sale of abutting land                               501(c)3 status? 3)           EOS Report (Phoebe Howe & Carter Bascom) 4)           Joe Dodge Award Nominations, 2020 (Bill Barrett) 5)           Fallfest […]

OHA Steering Committee Minutes 9/17/19

Minutes for OH Steering Committee Meeting, Sept. 17, 2019, Medford, MA   Present: Josh Alper, Bill Barrett, Carter Bascom, Whitney Brown, Emily Griffin, Tom Kelleher, Jerod Richards-Walsh, Stroker Rogovin, Elizabeth Seabury.     1)           Treasurer’s Report (Stroker for Moose) Income is anemic, but not critically below past years.  Hopefully we can track dues and donations […]