OHA Contact Information

Here are some key OHA people and what they do.

'Moose' Meserve is the OHA treasurer. He collects the membership dues, pays club expenses and keeps the (postal) mailing list. His e-mail address is jemkpm@comcast.net. Checks should be mailed to him at:

The O.H.Association
17 Brenner Drive
Newton NH 03858

Dues ar $25/year. $20 for OH under 25 years.

The chair of the OHA is Stroker Rogovin. He can be contacted at stroker@alumni.clarku.edu.

The Resuscitator editors are Beth Weick, Will Murray and Caroline Santinelli. They can be reached at b.a.weick@gmail.com.

The webmaster for the OHcroo.com website is Tom Kelleher. Questions, corrections and contributions to the site can be e-mailed to webmaster@ohcroo.com.

The OH cabin caretaker is Mike Waddell. Please report any cabin problems or damage to him at mkwad@myfairpoint.net.