Cabin Schedule

Members have expressed a desire to be able to tell if the OH cabin is being used by large groups on certain dates. With many of our members having Internet access, it may be possible to list here a calender of upcoming dates where the cabin may have a large overnight group.

This is not a cabin reservation system! The cabin is available to all members and their guests on a first come, first serve basis. This page is to aid members who would like to avoid a large crowd. (or want to join one!)

To use, just send a message to and indicate the cabin date(s), member name, group size and any other details. The cabin key still needs to be picked up at Pinkham. Overnight fees are : $15.00; $5.00 for children and current AMC Croo.

The key signout and cabin rules are here.

The calendar will be posted at the bottom of this page.

The OHA Steering Commitee

December 31, 201610Caroline Santinelli